Lake record for White Crappie just waiting to be caught at Lake Weatherford

Story by Lili Sams
Photo by TPWD Inland fisheries Denison District
Want to catch the Lake Weatherford record white crappie? He is swimming around after a few measurements and a photo this week. Go catch him and let Lone Star Outdoor News know about it. We will write a story about you!
The Texas Parks and Wildlife Inland Fisheries Denison District team was out conducting a lake survey and here is what they reported on their Facebook page today.
Here is proof that there is always a bigger fish out there. The lake record White Crappie at Lake Weatherford is 2.3 pounds and yesterday we found this 2.7 pound White Crappie while sampling there. Don’t worry, after a few quick measurements and photo, it was released to hopefully be caught by a lucky angler.”

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