Another good dove afternoon with old friends

The opening of dove season is a reason to celebrate at the LSON office, as it is for many Texas hunters.

After a good opening afternoon hunt with friends, David J. Sams and I had the opportunity to hunt with our friend Jeremy Boone with County Line Outfitters in southern Dallas County yesterday afternoon — the second day of the season.

Boone told us the birds began flying at 3:30. We should have listened to him.

We didn’t get out of the office until about 4, and made it to the field near Ferris about 4:45. As we pulled into the field, hundreds of birds were flying overhead. We were late.

We immediately walked down a treeline with a plowed field in front of us, and a sunflower and grain field beyond. The birds were headed to feed and water and the shooting was outstanding for about an hour before tapering off.

Boone was honest with us and had told us the field had been hunted for two days, with plenty of limits taken from the same spot.

The hunting was good and it was great to be in the field with a few old friends. I’ve hunted with Boone several times in the past and he is a great guy to share a hunt with.

All of us killed birds and got close to a limit — if I would have shot better, a limit would have been assured.

I am going to head back out to the field this weekend to see if we can add a few more dove to the pile. Boone said he has multiple fields with sunflowers that haven’t quite matured yet. He’s definitely going to have birds around later in the season.

All of the birds except one were mourning dove.

If you are looking for a dove hunt later this season, give Jeremy Boone a call at (214) 845-2444.