A better look at Texas and the world Nikon unboxes new MONARCH fieldscope

Edited by Craig Nyhus, Lone Star Outdoor News

Photo by Nikon Sport Optics

Looking at a mule deer in the mountains of West Texas, a distant pronghorn in the Texas Panhandle or a white-tailed buck from a Texas deer blind, a hunter needs to know the details of what he or she is seeing. The new MONARCH Fieldscopes from Nikon Sport Optics provide a first-rate optical system at an unrivaled price.

Designed with the needs of adventurous outdoorsmen and women in mind, MONARCH Fieldscopes offer a high-end optical experience together with ruggedness and ergonomics associated with the MONARCH name.

Several new and innovative technologies are what make the MONARCH Fieldscopes unique.

An Advanced Apochromat Optical System with ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass minimizes color fringing to the furthest degree across the entire light spectrum visible to the human eye. A multilayer coating is applied to all lens and prism surfaces, allowing maximum light transmission. The result will help Texas hunters decipher a buck’s antlers at 600 yards with precision, or spot the sticker points on a buck passing from sendero to sendero, where only the antlers are seen above the brush line.


Nikon’s new Field Flattener Lens System is built into the design of MONARCH Fieldscopes. Curvature of field is an aberration that occurs in optics when focusing on the center of the field of view, causing the periphery to go out of focus. The Field Flattener System resolves this viewing obstacle, providing consistent, edge-to-edge sharpness while compensating astigmatism and coma aberration at the same time. This technology enhances the edge-to-edge field-of-view at any magnification for any viewing distance.

The Optimized Focusing System, a new focusing technology, provides different focus speeds that allow the viewer to acquire and identify objects faster and easier than before. The focus ring of MONARCH Fieldscopes provides two focusing speeds for optimal operation: fine focus adjustment for distant subjects and coarser adjustment for nearby subjects.

Engineered with highly robust aluminum alloy, the incredibly rugged designs of MONARCH Fieldscopes are built to partake in any adventure.  Each model is waterproof, sealed with O-rings and packing seals. Also, they are all purged with nitrogen gas to prevent fog due to sudden temperature changes. A built-in sliding hood blocks harmful light to the optical system and protects the objective lens.

Customers will have the choices of 60mm or 82mm objective sizes and a straight or angled fieldscope body. MONARCH Fieldscopes come fully protected for life by Nikon’s No-Fault Repair/Replacement Policy.

Suggested retail prices:

20-60×82 ED Straight Body $1599.95
20-60×82 ED Angled Body $1599.95
16-48×60 ED Straight Body $1399.95
16-48×60 ED Angled Body $1399.95
MONARCH Eyepiece MEP 38W $299.95
MONARCH Eyepiece MEP 20-60 $299.95
MONARCH Eyepiece MEP 30-60W $549.95