Weekend update — tough on the coast

imagejpeg 3LSON Founder David J. Sams and Executive Editor Craig Nyhus are on the coast fishing this weekend out of Bluff’s Landing Marina near Corpus Christi.

David reported strong winds all day Saturday made fishing tough, although he managed to boat several nice trout.

“We did not catch a lot of big fish,” David said. “The wind has been howling and the skies were cloudy all morning, but it got a little brighter in the afternoon.”

The anglers left the dock at 5:51 a.m. and ran an hour and 22 minutes to their spot near the Tide Gauge Bar.

“We fished with everything,” David added. “Croakers, scented plastics, top-waters — we threw a little bit of everything. I was wading in chest-high, off-color water and had to jump up several times to avoid being swamped by waves.”

The biggest trout caught was a 27 1/4 inch, 6.57 pounder, along with another 24 inch beauty.

“Catfish” Craig had a rougher outing, managing several gafftop and not much else.

“Most of the big trout and redfish were being caught by guys who ran south towards Port Mansfield,” David said. “It was a tough day, except for a few lucky ones who found the fish.”