South Zone offering good shooting

 image 1wOpening weekend of the South Zone dove season is going well for several LSON crew members.

LSON Founder David J. Sams and Executive Editor Craig Nyhus headed south to Atascosa County for an afternoon hunt on Friday, and Craig said the action was fast and furious.

“It was just so steady,” he said. “We got lost on the way to the field, so we didn’t get there until about 5:45. By 6:30, most everyone was done.”

The group was hunting fields next to water, which was drawing the uneducated birds into the field.

“The birds we shot were full of dove weed,” he said. “Some of the people had decoys, but there were so many birds that you really didn’t need one. The pass shooting was great.”

Craig said he shot well, using just over a box of shells to reach his limit.

“But David was one of the last ones done,” he said. “I’m not sure he had a great night shooting.”

Everyone in the group — 8 or so hunters — limited out within 45 minutes.  The pair are headed farther south for this afternoon’s hunt.

Check the next issue of LSON, out Friday, Sept. 28, for a full report on the opening of the South Zone.