Yearlong pursuit ends in biggest buck ever

adeercam3Saturday morning found Lone Star Outdoor News Founder David J. Sams and his daughter, Lili, sitting in a chilly golf cart overlooking a feeder 125 yards away.

The pair had grown tired of sitting in blinds the past few days, only seeing young bucks and does.

“We were frustrated as heck sitting in blinds for days watching immature deer,” David said. “We decided we would sit in the golf cart overlooking a feeder until 8 a.m. and then drive around checking wheat fields and other feeders for a mature buck.”

David had passed up multiple bucks throughout the season on his lease in Stonewall County, waiting for a big 16 point with multiple kickers coming off his G2s that he had seen several times on his trail camera pictures.

“We left the first location and were driving slowly to check another feeder,” David said. “I stood up on the golf cart to get a better view and I saw the back of a deer under the feeder. The deer have dug the soft sandy ground underneath the feeder to create a bowl, so they are tough to see from the ground.”

The buck lifted his head and David knew immediately it was the buck he had been searching for.

“I only saw the tips of his antlers, but that was all it took,” he said. “I knew it was him immediately. I snuck up to a blind and tried to shoot off of the ladder, but I was shaking too badly to get a good a rest. I climbed into the blind, took a few deep breath and opened the window.”

One shot later and the buck was down for good.


adeercam1“It was the first time I had seen the deer in person,” David said. “Another hunter had seen him earlier in the week, but he had just taken his trophy for the season, so he just watched.

 “I didn’t see the impact, but I could see his antlers on the ground,” he said.

Relief was the biggest emotion David felt as he approached the buck with Lili in tow.

“When you look for a buck so hard all season and finally get him, it is such a relief,” David said. “I only had a handful of trial camera pictures of him and the pressure to find this one buck was intense. In December, I rattled up 30 bucks — several very shootable — but passed on them in hopes of finding this deer. It was a huge relief.”

The buck had 16 scorable points, with 23 3/4-inch main beams. The final score was 155 3/8 inches B&C — David’s biggest buck and a memory with his daughter that will never be forgotten by either of them.

“I am so proud of my Papa,” Lili said. “I was so happy to be there to share that special moment.”