GUNK works

aagunk1The stain had been there since hunting season.

A big buck taken late last year had bled all over the carpeted area in the back of the SUV, and the stain had alternately frozen or baked in the Texas weather for the past six months.

When the stain first appeared, LSON Founder David J. Sams had taken water and paper towels and blotted most of the blood from the carpet.

However, an unsightly brown stain still persisted.

Until yesterday.

The LSON office received a package last week from GUNK, which contained a bottle of carpet/upholstery foamy cleaner for cars and trucks. Fortuitous timing.

A quick test was in order.

We sprayed the foam from the bottle directly onto the carpet. The foam looked like shaving cream and quickly began to turn a brownish color, telling us the blood was being pulled from the fabric, even before we scrubbed.

After waiting a few minutes (the can says 30 seconds is enough), we began to scrub the foam with a damp cloth. The blood began disappearing instantly. We were shocked at the quick work the GUNK was making of a really tough stain.

aagunk2After scrubbing, the final stage of the process was to vacuum the carpet to get any of the remaining stain off. This wasn’t done at the office, but after one day, David reports the stain is gone and nobody would ever have known a bloodstain was there in the first place.

GUNK certainly passed the test with us, and we are looking forward to trying the rest of the products like the tire and wheel cleaner, window cleaner and bug remover.

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