TDA Convention featured big deer, big lines for Duck Dynasty

aabucktdaThe crew from LSON headed south this past weekend and attended the Texas Deer Association’s Annual State Convention in San Antonio.

In an age when white-tailed deer are pushing, and exceeding in some cases, 500 inches, the best typical as judged by TDA was a 203 2/8-inch buck from Berry Whitetails. It was refreshing to see that bigger isn’t always better.

For the non-typical category, the buck named “Kid Rock” from Big Rack Ranch was voted as the best non-typical buck. Kid Rock scored 386 inches.

Wilson Whitetail Ranch took home Best of Show honors.

Along with giant deer, the crowd was entertained by Si Robertson from the show “Duck Dynasty.” The line wrapped throughout the entire hotel lobby as fans lined up for the chance to have their picture taken with the iced-tea toting Si.

“The crowds were great, exhibitors were busy and the auctions seemed lively,” said LSON Executive Editor Craig Nyhus. “I underestimated the popularity of Si from “Duck Dynasty.” His appearance at 10 a.m. Saturday morning had lines through the hall and almost to the door by 9:30. Every TDA member’s kid was in the line in hopes of getting their picture taken with him.”

Check the LSON Facebook page for pictures of the show’s winning bucks.