Texas rice prairies holding lots of birds

We got a call today from our friend Sammy Romano, who guides for Butch’s Guide Service based out of Eagle Lake.

Romano said the waterfowl hunting is as good as he has ever seen it in the rice prairies during the first split of the season. Along with a large number of geese, Romano said his clients have been hammering ducks.

“We just had a 50-bird shoot this past weekend,” Romano said. “We have a ton of pintails on the prairie right now. We are shooting limits of pins every hunt and also near-limits of specks.”

On Saturday, Romano said his hunters harvested 20 pintails, 14 light geese and 17 specks.

“It was a drizzly, windy morning,” he said. “Perfect for a waterfowl hunt. The rice fields are pretty rutted up, but we can get out to our spots.”

Romano said the duck hunting has been the best during the first split since he started guiding.

“A lot of the old timers that have been out here 40-years-plus are saying this is the best duck season they can ever remember,” he said.

To contact Sammy and book a hunt with Butch’s Guide Service, call (281) 391-4381 or (713) 306-3574.