Foreverlast Varmint Guard Feeder meeting expectations

aaforeverfeederI took a Foreverlast 300-pound Varmint Guard corn feeder out to the deer lease and cut open the box.

With a little help from a friend, in 15 minutes, I was pouring bags of corn into the feeder — super-easy assembly. We did use a battery-operated screw gun to save our wrist. It took almost as much time to unwrap all the protective plastic as it did to get the legs on. The timer and spinner also went on in a snap.

I set the feeder up with the short legs (there are optional longer sections). This enables you to fill the feeder without a ladder or out of the truck bed — safer and easier. I like the option.

Now, it says right on the box that this feeder is varmint proof. It has specially designed legs so that raccoons can’t reach the spin plate.

We will see and let you know soon.

Other features of this feeder include a push button secured lid for easy on/off, the ability to convert from corn to protein in under five minutes, sight glass for quick viewing of feed levels and a completely galvanized construction with a toggle lock system.

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