Dallas Safari Club auctions black rhino hunt for $350,000

UPDATE: The name of the buyer has been released.

Corey Knowlton bought the hunt and plans on taking it sometime in the future.

He has been interviewed on multiple television shows in the past 24 hours.

Here is a link to an interview he did for CNN last night.

Knowlton interview.

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The Dallas Safari Club auctioned off a black rhino hunt in Namibia for $350,000 Saturday night.

The winning bid was placed by a well-known safari booking agent at the auction.
Several hunters bid for the chance to go on the historic hunt.
A generous donation of $100,000 was given before the bidding began by a well-known Texas hunter and conservationist.
All of the proceeds from the sale will go to the Namibian government for black rhino conservation.
This will be the first black rhino to be approved for legal import by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in almost four decades.
The room was abuzz with excitement when the auction began, although the actual bidding reached the $350,000 within a minute of opening. The hunt was sold quickly and the rest of the auction commenced.
The hunt will be for a post-breeding male that has become aggressive and is killing younger, breeding-age males.
Almost 40 protestors were on the street before the auction protesting the sale of the hunt.
The winning bidder declined to comment for LSON as he exited the room after the auction.
For a full report on the evening, read the next issue of LSON, out Friday, Jan. 24.