DSC — Behind the scenes

By the end of the day Sunday, thousands of people will have streamed through the doors of the Dallas Safari Club Show.

And every one of them will receive a bag stuffed with the official show program, a copy of the latest issue of Lone Star Outdoor News and brochures of outfitters at the show.

Those bags don’t stuff themselves.

Hundreds of volunteers come together to make the show a success, but one group of hard-working college students will be busy at work from Wednesday through Sunday afternoon stuffing bags.

Texas Christian University students Ryan O’Hanlon and Peter Gresback, along with Louisiana State University student Jamie King, are the official “bag stuffers” of this year’s convention.

There could hardly be a job that is more thankless than what these guys do — placing programs and papers into white show bags.

But the guys are having a great time, and enjoying the show is part of the experience.

“This is my first time at the show and it is incredible,” O’Hanlon said. “I’ve never seen anything like this before. Stuffing bags is exhilarating and exciting; it gets the blood pumping.”

Gresback said the show was “pretty sweet” before putting his head down and getting back to bag stuffing.

King took a lunch break to head home and let his dog out.

The guys are big duck hunters — O’Hanlon said he has been to the Cooper area, along with Lake Ray Roberts and several other pubic land spots around Dallas so far this season.

“It has been tough,” he said. “There are a lot of hunters this year and the ducks take a look at your decoy spread and head the other way.”

These guys add to the show experience, even if nobody really appreciates the time and effort they put it.

Well done, fellas.