Incredible mountain lion trail cam photos are real

lion2When Chet Markgraf saw the photos from his game camera on his West Texas ranch, he knew it was something special. An incredible image of a mountain lion dragging a big white-tailed buck was captured.

What he didn’t realize is the firestorm that would follow.

“I didn’t put it on the Web,” he said. “Someone scanned the printed image and posted it on the Internet. It took off from there.”

The 2009 image has been claimed as theirs by people in at least a dozen states, from Massachusetts to South Dakota.

And many claimed the images were the work of a Photoshop expert, until Markgraf showed the original images to the owner of the Web site.

The site set the record straight, but it didn’t stop others from claiming the image was a lion from their state.

Markgraf has the skull of the deer mounted in his home.

Click below to see the complete series of trail cam photos. All photos courtesy of Chet Markgraf.