DSC launches daily online magazine

dscThe Dallas Safari Club has launched its new daily online magazine, DSC Daily. It can be found at,www.dscdaily.com.

The purpose of DSC Daily is to promote the Dallas Safari Club, its foundation, members, advertisers, exhibitors, and partners in a positive, fun, entertaining and informative manner.

DSC Daily is open to all readers, regardless of Dallas Safari Club membership. The new venture is run by noted outdoor writer Gayne C. Young who, in January 2011, became the first American outdoor writer to interview then Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

“DSC Daily is a daily online magazine that will appeal to all hunters and conservationists, not just those that have or plan to hunt the Dark Continent,” Young said. “The magazine will encompass all the things Dallas Safari Club members tell me they love; hunting, the outdoors, firearms, camaraderie and the humor all of that encompasses. We are very interactive and encourage readers to submit stories and experiences via email or through our easy to follow form templates. I invite everyone to check DSC Daily out at www.dscdaily.com.