Waters rising? Try a floating dock by Pond King

pondkingThe waters in Texas are rising, which means old docks need replacing.

That is where the floating dock by Pond King comes in. The dock is an easy, quick solution to enjoying a lake, river or pond this summer.

Pond King constructs its docks with moisture-repelling composite deck boards framed by galvanized 12-gauge steel with 14-gauge C-purline bracing on 16-inch centers.

A concrete 8-foot-wide base holds the dock at the bank without cables or pipes while the floatation is achieved by maintenance-free encapsulated Eagle Floats that are bolted to the frame.

Prices start at $2,995 for the basic split level T model and run up to $17,989 for the 14-by 20-foot deluxe dock with awning.

The 12-foot by 16-foot deluxe model with railing (pictured) sells for about $14,965.

The floating decks can be customized with such accessories as access ramps, benches, tables, fish feeders and more.

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