Plant spring food plots with Realtree Nursery


Spring has arrived, and now is the time to begin thinking about next hunting season.
The No. 1 way to get and keep deer and wild game on your land is by planting a food plot. The No. 1 plant to incorporate in a food plot is chestnut trees. Along with a variety of other fruit- and nut-bearing trees, chestnut trees create an easy-to-plant and easy-to-maintain food plot.

And Realtree Nursery has just what you need to get started.

The bestselling chestnut tree at Realtree Nursery is the Dunstan chestnut, which was bred by noted plant breeder Dr. Robert Dunstan. Because of higher disease resistance and heavy annual production of nuts, the Dunstan chestnut is perfect for food plots. Plus, deer love chestnuts. They even prefer them over most oak trees. This variety will grow rapidly and begin to bear sweet-tasting chestnuts in only 2 to 4 years. But to have a really successful food plot, you need more than just chestnut trees. 

Realtree Nursery definitely has the hunter in mind and offers starter kits that include Dunstan chestnuts, American persimmons, southern crabapples and sawtooth oaks. This variety of trees were handpicked to give you everything you need to attract as much as game to your land as possible, while remaining easy to maintain.

American persimmon trees produce a fruit that many refer to as “deer candy.” Deer love persimmons and will seek them out and even pick the fruit right off the tree. This variety is easy to grow and will bear fruit in a few short years.

Southern crabapples are very attractive to deer and other game. This variety has a longer ripening time, and holds its fruit for a longer period. These trees will keep deer coming back to your land for more.

Acorns are a large part of the diet for deer, making the sawtooth oak a necessity. This variety of red oak is rapid growing and will bear fruit within 4 to 6 years. Once mature, it can produce up to 100 pounds of acorns per tree. To attract and keep deer and other game on your land, this is a must-have.

Realtree Nursery offers two starter packages to choose from. The 10-tree combo includes three each of Dunstan chestnuts and American persimmons and two each of southern crabapples and sawtooth oaks. This is a great starter kit for smaller plots of land. But for larger areas of land, the 25-tree combo is available. It includes seven Dunstan chestnuts, and six each of American persimmons, southern crabapples and sawtooth oaks. When purchased as a package, these starter kits provide a significant discount versus buying the trees individually.

The starter packages include everything you need to create the ideal food plot on your land, but Realtree Nursery also offers a variety of other fruit- and nut-bearing trees to help you expand your food plot and entice even more game, as well as planting and growing accessories you might need, depending on the climate where you’re food plot will be.

Let Realtree Nursery help you establish the ultimate food plot to lure deer and other game onto your land. A starter tree combo will be fast-growing and long-lasting, and will keep game coming back to your land for more.

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