Realtree Nursery an easy way to start

aarealtreenIt’s never to late to begin planting for the fall deer season.

Realtree Nursery offers a starter package of trees that can be part of an easy-to-maintain food plot for those who have deer and other wild game on their land. The variety of trees includes the Dunstan Chestnut tree, which was bred for high disease resistance and heavy annual production of nuts plus the persimmon tree, which bears fruit that deer will pick right off the tree.

The trees are easy to grow and will bear fruit (and nuts) in a few years.  For smaller plots of land, the nursery suggests its 10-tree package, which includes three Dunstan Chestnuts, three American Persimmons, two Southern Crabapples and two Sawtooth Oak tree for $89.95. It also has a 25-tree combo for larger areas of land. This includes seven Dunstan Chestnuts, six American Persimmons, six Southern Crabapples and six Sawtooth Oak trees for $189.95.

To contact Realtree, call (855) 386.7826