Public meeting set for rainbow trout regulations

aaguadflyTexas Parks and Wildlife Department will hold a public meeting to take comments on changes being considered to the trout fishing regulations for the Guadalupe River below Canyon Lake Dam.

The public meeting will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 22, at 7 p.m. at the McKenna Events Center, Meeting Room A; 801 West San Antonio Street, New Braunfels.

Current regulations for rainbow trout and brown trout on the Guadalupe River from the Canyon Lake Dam to the easternmost bridge crossing on FM 306 consist of a five-fish daily bag limit, and trout of any size may be harvested. For the section of the river downstream of the F.M. 306 bridge crossing to the second bridge crossing on the River Road, only trout 18 inches and longer may be harvested, and anglers are allowed to harvest one trout per day. Harvest is further restricted in this area to trout caught on artificial lures.

Downstream of the second bridge crossing on the River Road, harvest regulations for trout revert back to the five-fish daily bag limit with trout of any size legal for harvest.

TPWD is considering changing the regulations in the section of the Guadalupe River extending upstream from the easternmost F.M. 306 bridge crossing to a point 800 yards below the Canyon Lake dam. Harvest regulations would be changed to a 12- to 18-inch slot length limit (only trout smaller than 12 inches or 18 inches and longer may be harvested). Anglers would be allowed to harvest five trout, but only one trout 18 inches or longer could be harvested per day. Any trout harvested would have to be caught on artificial lures. The goal of the changes being considered is to increase survival of trout in this section of the river where water temperatures are most favorable during the summer months while maintaining the opportunity for harvest of trout smaller than 12 inches.

The popular trout fishing area directly below the dam is not included in the section of river being considered for changes in harvest regulations and would not be affected by this change.  Regulations there would remain at a five-fish daily bag limit with no minimum length limit.

Expected benefits from the changes being considered are: 1) increased survival and angler catch of trout in the reach of the river that is most likely to have water temperatures favorable for trout to survive the summer months; and 2)  maintain the opportunity for harvest of trout under 12 inches in the proposed regulations zone.