Snap Lock’s Formex hunting blinds deliver


When the box arrived at the Lone Star Outdoor News’ office, we weren’t sure what we were looking at.

Long, narrow and fairly light, the durable black panels were quickly removed and construction began in the warehouse.

At a total weight of 75 pounds, the blind’s walls quickly snapped together forming a stronger bond than we were expecting.

All four walls went up almost as fast as a portable ground blind. But that is where the differences ended.

According to the Snap Lock website, the double wall design achieves greater strength to weight ration than a single wall design, keeping the hunter warmer in winter and cooler in summer by providing a barrier of insulation.

Set-up was a snap (literally), as all four walls were easily attached before the roof snapped into place.

Ample height inside allowed for multiple hunters to stand up. The dimensions of the blind measured 48 by 48 by 78 inches — plenty of room for two people.

The window sizes on each wall measured 10 by 33 inches, giving rifle and bow hunters room to shoot.

Once assembly was completed in the warehouse, we disassembled the blind, which proved to be just as easy. We loaded it into the back of Operation Manager Mike Hughs’ truck before he headed south to his family ranch to reassemble the blind in a grove of oak trees.

“Snap Lock is known for the ease of putting the blind together,” Hughs said. “It took about 15 minutes to setup and 15 minutes to take down. You can’t really beat that convenience, especially at that price point.”

Once the blind was setup in the brush, Hughs spent some time brushing the blind in.

“The black color blended well under the shaded oak canopy,” Hughs said. “The tan-colored roof did stand out, so I am planning on covering that with a quick coat of paint to hide it better.”

Hughs said staking the blind down was quick and made the blind very steady.

“It is really dark inside,” he said. “I don’t think there is any chance a buck is going to bust me moving around inside.”

Hughs also praised the additional window kit, which costs an additional $100.

“That was also easy to install and will help with keeping scent inside the blind,” Hughs said. “The windows were also very quiet, which has not always been the case with ground blinds.”

The blind also comes with straps, which allows a hunter to easily attach the blind to a platform.

The suggested retail price is $450.

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