Experience the advantages of Bloodsport Arrows

Written by Source Outdoor Group

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a carbon arrow by its label, especially when it carries the BloodSport name. Nobody holds their shafts to a higher standard or in-corporates as much technology as BloodSport.

Because carbon arrows look pretty much the same, many hunters mistakenly believe it doesn’t matter which brand they shoot. BloodSport believes there’s more to building an arrow than shaping carbon fibers into a tube and shipping it off to a dealer.

It starts with the carbon wrap, the most basic property of a quality arrow. BloodSport’s proprietary wrapping sequence produces a more structured matrix to resist the higher impacts produced by today’s bows.

The 100-percent carbon weave adds strength like no other arrow on the market. This results in two major benefits for the hunter. First, it creates a more consistent spine rating, which adds to the Fly Straight Technology. Second, it adds the strength needed to ensure energy is transferred to the point instead of being lost during impact.

This energy transfer helps BloodSport arrows penetrate better than other higher-priced arrows on the market. Simply put, BloodSport’s high-tech, 100-percent carbon wrap construction produces a durable arrow that will fly true every time.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Only BloodSport offers the Blood Ring to take the guesswork out of when to begin tracking your game. When penetrated with an arrow, different organs exhibit different blood textures and colors. The white, textured material of the Blood Ring captures blood as it passes through the animal. Whether the Blood Ring has red blood with air bubbles (lung), dark red blood (liver) or green/brown material (paunch), you’ll know what move to make next.


A quality arrow is more than just a carbon shaft, however. Nocks and inserts are often an afterthought for other arrow manufacturers, BloodSport components are matched perfectly for each shaft, and only BloodSport offers Flare Nocks and APS (Arrow Protection System) outserts.

Flare Nocks are BloodSport’s own superior lighted nock system that doesn’t require resighting or changing nocks when it’s time to hunt. Shoot the same nock all year long, then just insert the 5-grain light when you’re ready to head afield. The Flare Nock and Battery is the most convenient lighted nock system ever made. You can add the patent pending Flare Battery to any BloodSport arrow almost instantly. If the Flare™ Battery runs out of power, just remove it and install a new one for continued use.

For fans of smaller-diameter arrows, BloodSport’s APS (Arrow Protection System) Outserts provide an unmatched combination of penetration and strength. Perfect for the Impact Hunter and BloodSport 1 series arrows, APS Outserts are made from special 7075 aircraft grade aluminum to provide all the protection needed without the weight of competing products.

The unique APS design absorbs the shock of a hard hit instead of transferring it to the end of the carbon shaft – a common point of failure for other small-diameter arrows on the market.

Finally, nobody has tighter tolerances than BloodSport, which offers multiple lines with straightness and weight variances as tight as .001 inch and +/- 1 grain, respectively. Check out the FPS Hunter, Pro Series Impact Hunter and the Elite BloodSport 1 for the straightest, most true-to-weight arrows on the market. In addition, each BloodSport grade is hand-sorted to ensure you get exactly what you pay for.

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