Fight over fishing tackle reaches spending bill


Written by American Sportfishing Association

A provision to prohibit federal funds from being used to regulate lead fishing tackle and ammunition under the Toxic Substance Control Act was included in the omnibus federal spending bill released last week.

The American Sportfishing Association, which strongly supports this action, has been working for the past several years on passage of similar legislation that will provide a permanent exemption for traditional fishing tackle.

“We applaud Congressional leadership, and House and Senate appropriators, for protecting the nation’s 60 million anglers from unjustified restrictions on fishing equipment that anglers have safely used for decades,” said ASA President and CEO Mike Nussman.

The bill now heads to the Senate and on to the president’s desk for approval.

The spending bill’s text exempting lead fishing tackle and ammunition from regulation under the Toxic Substances Control Act can be found here.

One Response

  1. craig simpkins

    I was just reading an article that stated the NSSF had won a court case in Appeals court D.C. for the same thing! Certain anit-hunting (read anti-gun) groups wanyed to ahve EPA regulate lead in ammunition for hunting and shooting purposes. The Court ruled EPA does not have the authority over this subject and tossed the Case! We have have to keep fighting to keep our rights to Hunt and Fish as our fore fathers did.