Hunting adventure with the Lone Star Outdoor News Foundation

By Craig Nyhus

Kara Deolloz of Austin grew up around hunting, but was never invited to tag along.

“My grandparents hunted, and I had asked them to take me but they never did,” she said. “They went with friends and the invitation didn’t extend to the kids.”

The 23-year-old college student got the chance in November with the Lone Star Outdoor News Foundation.

“I dated a hunter, and I would get excited every time he would go. When I heard about this chance, no one had to convince me,” Deolloz said.

On her first hunt, two bucks were seen in the distance. The next morning, a 6-pointer showed up.

“I wasn’t nervous,” Deolloz said. “He dropped right there.”

There was still one hunt left that evening.

“Five hogs came out and I shot one at 160 yards with a .243,” she said. “I wanted to get the biggest one. It was frustrating, the hogs kept moving around and changing places. Finally he stopped, and I shot him.”

Deolloz attended Texas State and plans to finish her business management and accounting degree at the University of Texas.

When looking at her buck while photographs were being taken, Deolloz made an unusual observation.

“He has really pretty eyelashes,” she said.