The National Safe Boating Council educating children on boat safety

aalifevestThe best way to educate children about boat safety is to break it down into a language they can understand and present it to them in a fun way.

The National Safe Boating Council found that way. 

In 1999, the National Safe Boating Council found Ted and Linda Walke, who developed a series of books on boat safety called “The Boating Safety Sidekicks.”

The colorful books explain the safety procedures for boats, kayaks and canoes for kids. In 2007, the NSBC brought along their online counterpart — Team Tacklebox. Since then, both resources have been used to educate children and adults in a fun way.

Rachel Johnson, communication director for The National Safe Boating Council, uses the Safety Sidekicks to promote their annual National Safe Boating Week, May 18-24. During that week, people participate in their “Ready, Set, Wear it” campaign. The campaign brings children and their parents together to attempt to break a world record for the most life vests worn while learning safety procedures. The campaign has been going strong for three years and each year the record has been broken.

“When we started, we were in 10 states,” said Johnson. “Now we are implemented in all 50 states and three foreign countries.”

Their newest addition, Team Tacklebox provides information and activities for kids to make fishing a safe adventure. The interactive site lets kids learn about fishing safety, casting, catching, knot making, etc … The site is designed for kids but covers information people of all ages should know.

“It’s one of the first sites my kids want to go to,” said Joe Luna, an angler from San Antonio. “They remember a lot from it.”

The goal for the National Safe Boating Council is to promote boat safety throughout the ages and prevent future boating accidents.

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