Hunting and fishing summer camps providing young adults fun and education

aaacamp1As the tenth year of the Outdoor Texas Camp begins in June, new adventures have been added to the program to give young adults entertainment as well as a first-rate education in fishing and hunting. 

Owner David Todd is looking forward to the first stop at Homer Martin Ranch in July.  

The Archery/Hunting I and II Camps have added two new activities to both camps — a “stalk” where campers make their way through brush to a stopping point before executing a kill shot on various 3D targets with a bow and arrow. There is a unique scoring system for the “stalk” to determine how each camper has done. The scoring is based on time and accuracy. The second activity involves a hunting-readiness test. If the campers pass, they get the opportunity to spend time in a ground blind hunting for a feral hog. 

“We hope that we can light a fire of the outdoors,” said Todd.

The Deer Camp at The Perlitz Ranch, July 7-13, will find campers competing for the opportunity to hunt the ranch’s large number of hogs and javelinas. This is a new aspect of the program that should appeal to the campers. Any hog that is harvested will be processed and prepared for a camp dinner. 

aaacamp2The saltwater camps have also taken on some new adventures. Three camps are scheduled from late July though early August in Port Aransas. The campers will participate in an overnight camp-out on the Padre Island shoreline, fishing for sharks during the evening and the early-morning surf, combined with a late night flounder trip with Capt. Tray Clark. 


The goal of these camps is to spread the love of fishing and hunting to young adults. 

Todd is very proud to have a former camper now instructing at one of his camps. He hopes his more former campers follow the same path. 

“With all of our camps, young kids will gravitate toward the outdoor sport they really like,” said Todd. 

A few openings are still available. 

Call (830) 562-3354 or email for registration.