Banana on board

aaabanana1Anglers are not afraid of fishing on Friday the 13th. 

When they step on a crack, they don’t worry about their mother’s back and breaking turkey bones has never been the start to good luck on the water.

But the banana has the mystical power to corrupt a day of fishing. 

Do captains really not allow bananas on the boats?

“It depends on how long I knew the angler,” said Captain Jeff Maxwell.

Maxwell wouldn’t consider himself superstitious but doesn’t want new anglers to jinx an old fear. 

In reality, bananas have health benefits that can be very useful to an angler. Bananas are high in potassium that increases an angler’s eyesight for night fishing and can prevent hypertension when a big fish is pulling drag.  But none of these benefits are worth the risk of having a bad fishing day.

It’s not just fruit but anything associated with fruits. Some guides and captains don’t allow bananas on board, in anglers stomachs, banana flavored bubble gums, Banana boat sunscreen or even Fruit of the Loop underwear (even though a banana is not in their ads).

There are many stories about how this superstition started. 

Stories about bananas on boats abound, from bringing loads of bananas carrying a deadly bacteria that killed the crew who ate them to crew members having digestive problems after eating too many bananas to a crew member simply slipping on a banana peel on deck. 

Some anglers don’t fear the banana. 

Lubbock angler Curtis Norrod fished for many years and knows the importance of potassium as a part his breakfast.

“I have heard something about that but I am not superstitious,” said Norrod. “I have eaten many bananas in the boat. I have never noticed a difference on trips with bananas or without.”

Bottom line, it’s only bad luck if anglers believe the superstition.