Fishing for a purpose

aaleavinglaunchTournament fishing can be stressful. But that is the last emotion that should come to mind during a special tournament being held next month.
A relaxing and fun day on the water is what Al Telese Jr., founder of Networking Warriors of America, wants for the veterans fishing in the 2nd Annual Texas-Oklahoma Patriot Shootout competition, June 8 on Lewisville Lake.  
“It’s great outdoor therapy,” Telese said.
This year’s event will be a part of Summerfest on the Lake. This year, the competition has 15 veterans, each representing  the Texas or Oklahoma side. A veteran will be paired up with a pro angler for the competition.
Last year, team Texas won the tournament by a few ounces, setting up an anticipated rematch this year.
The community is also a part of competition. All the prizes have been donated, and many volunteers have donated money and time.
“It’s a time when servicemen and women and the community come to work together,” Telese said.
Pat Seaman, a volunteer for the Our Lands and Water Foundations, helps Telese with the public relations and advertising to get people involved. She said the competition helps the soldiers get back to their normal lives at home.
“Its amazing to see how much they appreciate the opportunity,” she said.
Prizes will be given out to everyone who participates.
This year’s competition will be held on June 8 on Lewisville. Telese encourages people to come out to the launch and the weigh-in that afternoon at the Lewisville Lake Park.
For more information and/or to make a donations, go to their website,