Lil’ Salties Blow Out Fishing Tournament


Lil Salties 2012 021The Matagorda Bay chapter of the CCA held their seventh annual Lil’ Salties Blow Out Fishing Tournament on Saturday, May 12 at the Matagorda Harbor.

There was a great turnout with 228 kids from the ages of three to fourteen participating in the free tournament.

“There were some kids that caught some fish, and everybody had a great time,” said Linc Lutrick, President of the Matagorda Bays Chapter of CCA.

On top of getting the chance to catch some fish, every kid received a trophy and a goody bag full of lures and snacks.

“When those kids get their names called and they go get their trophy or rod and reel, they just have the biggest smiles,” Lutrick said.

Getting kids interested in fishing is important on multiple levels, according to Lutrick.

“The kids are the future of our organization,” he said. “Without a continued interest in fishing among our youth, all of our efforts are meaningless.

“It is also a great way to get families and kids out on the water for a fun day of fishing.”Lil Salties 2012 037