Hot day yields carp, bass near Waco

WACO[1]I’m not sure if it’s that we were tough enough, dumb enough, redneck enough, or a nice combination of the three, but despite the triple digit heat, LSON Executive Editor Craig Nyhus and I headed down to Waco this past Sunday for some bowfishing and bass action.

I let Craig mow the yard while I headed down to the carp pond. As soon as I pulled up, I knew the timing was good. There were dozens of carp along the shoreline, with fins sticking out of the water as they swam around eating. After a couple of close misses, I connected on one — and then a second.

I was feeling satisfied, since the previous trip I had only shot a single carp. So when Craig headed down to meet me, I was glad to let him have a turn.

After taking some shots and getting a little more used to the bow, Craig scored with the biggest carp of the day. I decided to give it one more go and ended up banking a fourth carp.

With sore fingers from our countless “practice shots,” we drove over to the bass and bluegill pond.

WACO2We tossed around some beetle spins, but the bluegill weren’t having it. The bass were starting to be active on the surface, so Craig started flipping a frog across the weed beds, and I threw a top-water crankbait. With no hits, I switched to a Texas-rigged worm in Junebug color, and hopped it along the bottom. That ended up bringing in three good largemouths.

And once again, Craig went for quality over quantity, and reeled in the biggest fish of the evening.

It was a fun day of avoiding the hustle and bustle of the city, but next time maybe the temperature will be a little more forgiving.