Dirty Buck Soap will attract a host of things

acorn20soap20barIf you’re a deer hunter who wants to smell nice for both big bucks in the woods and the two-legged does back home, look no further.

Dirty Buck Soap, created by Edmond, Okla. resident Tracy Gunn-Hinton, claims, or rather warns, that their products attract both deer and women.

“This product may cause excessive attention from big bucks and beautiful women,” a label on the back of each item cautions.

“The no-scent stuff was not working for me, and so I thought if I blend in where I’m at, that’ll work all the better,” Gunn-Hinton said.

The idea led to the creation of soap, shaving bars and cover scents, with available scents including dirt, cedar and pine.

“I heard so many women complain, ‘he won’t shower, he won’t shave,’ so that’s where the women come in,” she said. “You’re going to attract women along with deer because you’re going to smell like the woods, but smell clean.”

Gunn-Hinton, a single mom, said she began hunting because she wanted her two teenage sons to be involved in the outdoors.

“My 13 year old and 16 year old help with the packaging,” she said. “I learned to gut a deer from a youtube video.”

Though she has been approached by Bass Pro Shops about selling her Dirty Buck soaps, Gunn-Hinton said she wants to keep it simple.

“My goal is to keep it in more specialized and mom-and-pop stores to support the local businesses,” she said.

The full range of products can be viewed on dirtybucksoap.com.