LSON office offshore taste test

donedealThere’s nothing like a Friday fish fry to start the weekend off right.

Members of Lone Star Outdoor News stayed in the office for lunch yesterday, where Managing Editor Conor Harrison fried up some golden tilefish, wahoo, and amberjack that he caught on a recent offshore excursion.

The delicious golden tilefish came out first to rave reviews, and the LSON crew struggled to force themselves to save room for the amberjack and wahoo that was still to come.

The wahoo was next, and as good as the tilefish was, the wahoo had everyone questioning where their true allegiance lay. The ‘hoo was noticeably denser than the tilefish, which has a lighter, flakier meat.

Finally, the amberjack was ready. Even though waistlines were already reaching their limits, everyone dove in for the last taste comparison. The amberjack was the densest yet, with chewier meat; almost like a cut of beefsteak. One interesting note with the AJ is that it seemed to hold more of the flavor of the Zatarain’s Lemon Pepper Fish-Fri mix that was coated on each piece of fish before it hit the oil.

Here are the results of the taste-test voting.

Conor’s ranking: Wahoo, tilefish, amberjack.

Intern John Keith’s ranking: Wahoo, tilefish, amberjack.

Founder David Sams’ ranking: Tilefish, wahoo, amberjack.

Operation Manager Mike Hughs’ ranking: Amberjack, wahoo, tilefish.

Bookkeeper Ginger Hoolan’s ranking: Tilefish, wahoo, amberjack.

With two first-place votes and two second-place votes, it looks like the wahoo stole the day, with the tilefish a very close second — but all worthy of a hearty lunch with friends and coworkers.