Labor Day on Lake Lavon

029Some days the fish just don’t come easy, and anglers who have children in tow need to keep the kids entertained. Often times this means taking advantage of unusual opportunities that present themselves.

This was the case for LSON Operations Manager Mike Hughs, as he headed to Lake Lavon on Monday with his father, Bill, and 6-year-old son, Taylor.

“Our first spot, we didn’t catch anything,” Hughs said. “The second spot looked good, and we figured there’d be bass there — still didn’t catch anything.”

The group moved to a third spot, hoping to finally pinpoint some hungry fish.

“My son had on a real small Rat-L-Trap, 1/8 ounce, and threw it and caught a real small bass,” Hughs said. “We caught probably five of those.”

As the action was staying slow, Taylor spotted something in the water.

“We go over there, and it’s about a 15-pound carp on the surface,” Hughs said. “I told him to try and catch it, but he got snagged for about three seconds and then swam off.”

They switched their target to white bass for awhile, but with minimal success there, they turned back to largemouth.

“We went into this small cove and started fishing with there being baitfish everywhere. I saw this swirl, threw in there, and caught about a 4-pounder,” Hughs said. “We would set the hook and let Taylor reel them in.

“I hooked one and handed it to Taylor, and it nearly pulled him in.”

After catching a few more fish, the crew headed back to the ramp. Hughs said his son had a good day on the water.

“To keep him interested he was taking pictures with a digital camera for us,” Hughs said. “He had a blast.”ssddds