Knives of Alaska introduces new products

knivsFrom a hunter’s preferred ammunition to an angler’s go-to lure, outdoorsmen tend to be picky about the gear they prefer.

But a new set of knives are out that can please even the choosiest of people.

The Lone Star Outdoor News crew recently got to sample the newest set of knives produced by Knives of Alaska, including the 2.55-inch “Ranger,” retailing for $69.99, and the 1.89-inch “Spike,” retailing for $59.99.

Out of the box, the first thing we noticed was the unique black and orange finish that looks nice and feels durable. Not just glorified dust collectors, the knives were sharp enough to shave the hair off a person’s arm.

On the Knives of Alaska website, President Charles Allen explains his belief that an outdoorsman’s knife should be about more than just being able to cut when needed.

“We’ve never lost sight of the fact that the knife of a dedicated hunter, fisherman or outdoorsman has two important aspects,” Allen said. “First, and most important, it is a precision tool that must perform the task at hand efficiently, safely, and reliably time after time, year after year. Second, a man’s knife is an investment and one of his personal objects of pride.”

The only aspect the LSON crew questioned was the “friction-lock” feature of the knife. There is no catch to stop the blade from folding back down into a resting position. Not that it folds down unnecessarily easily, but we wondered if a cut finger might be possible if the user wasn’t careful.

With the sleek look of the knife, you almost don’t want to use it much or get it dirty. But judging on the blade and quality of the materials, it could handle most anything an outdoorsman would use it for.