Barronett Blind offers new experience

bbblindI’ve hunted deer from some unusual places. 
From the middle of a group of hay bales to sitting on a yellow bucket on the edge of a wood line; not to mention the more orthodox climbing stands, ladder stands, box stands or hang-on stands.
But until this year, I had never hunted deer out of a legitimate ground blind. When a coworker told me the LSON warehouse had one I could use for the Arkansas bow season opener, I jumped at the chance.
The hub-style blind I used is made by Barronett Blinds. Thinking back to past experiences trying to set up tents, I was unsure about trying to put together a blind at 0-dark thirty. But I found the blind to be easy to set up by myself, with no pieces to put together or connect. You simply unfold the blind and pop out the four walls and roof so that it will stand up.
Another feature that impressed me was the room. Even at 6-feet, 4-inches, I could stretch out my legs with space to leave any extra gear along the walls. Also, with zippered mesh windows, I could close the parts of the blind facing ways I didn’t expect deer to come, but I could still see through the mesh.
grounder 2One thing I did worry about after years of using ladder stands was being eye-level with a deer. I felt they would be much more liable to be spooked by any movement I made. According to Barronett’s website, it’s all part of the experience.
“It’s all about getting you closer to your game,” the website states. “There’s nothing like the excitement of hunting from a ground blind.”
Unfortunately, poor weather led to no deer appearing for me to test my camouflage. But as I stayed dry while listening to the rain lightly drop on the roof, I knew I could get used to hunting out of a ground blind.

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