Fork fishing tough right now

TXI 10347The cooler October temperatures may make fishing trips feel more pleasant, but it doesn’t necessarily help the largemouth bass fishing.

“It’s hit and miss,” said Lake Fork guide Gary Paris. “Seems like some days are good and some days aren’t. This time of year, one day you might find something, and then you might not find something for another few days.”
Paris said the cooler temperatures have caused the lake to turn over, and has brought bass closer to the surface.
“The deep bite has been obsolete,” he said. “The fish have been shallow around stumps and hyrilla beds. We’re getting some on top-waters early, and if it stays overcast, we’ll keep using top-waters most of the day.”
For lures, Paris said there’s not much consistency.
“Right now the way it is, you catch a few with a spinner bait, a few top-water, a few crankbait; nothing really stands out, and everybody I talk to says the same,” he said. 
Watermelon, green pumpkin, red or June bug have been the best colors for bass up to six or seven pounds.
In addition, Paris said he hasn’t seen any white bass recently.
Gary Paris, (903) 763-2801.