Successful tournament season draws to an end for LSON member

1309634980241LSON Operations Manager Mike Hughs joined the Century Bass Club five years ago, hoping to learn techniques and tips from other experienced anglers.
But he soon found out that maybe he had some knowledge worth sharing, too.
“The first tournament I ever fished in the club, I won,” he said. “Basically these guys were going, ‘who is this guy?’”
Hughs also won the third tournament of the season, and finished his first year third overall. The next few years, Hughs finished ninth, fourth and sixth, fishing as both a boater and non-boater.
“Really, the goal is to finish in the top six so you can fish the state championship,” he said. “This past year I said, ‘I’m going to fish every tournament I can with my dad’s boat, to see how I could do.’”
Hughs started the year strong with a third and second place finish, and topped the end of the season with two third place finishes. That was good enough to claim second place overall in the club. The state championship will include the top six anglers from every bass club in the state on Sam Rayburn Reservoir in March.
“I was pretty surprised to get second overall in the club, but it was my best overall standing and I made the state championship,” he said. “Now with my kids, and my dad retiring, I’ll probably end up fun-fishing more and just fishing with my kids.

“But, I am seriously considering buying a boat soon.”