Muck boots handle wide array of activities

FLD-MOB 300It’s been said that men are pickier about their hunting equipment than any woman in a department store. From arguing about camo patterns to the best brand of shotgun, hunters bicker about it all.

But at least with footwear, a consensus should be able to be reached.

“I had a chance to try out the Original Muck Boot Company’s Fieldblazer All-Terrain Sport Boot while helping friends build duck blinds and fill deer feeders last weekend,” said LSON Managing Editor Conor Harrison. “One word kept coming into my head — comfortable.”

Harrison said the weather was nasty, raining and about 54 degrees, which put the boots to a true test.

“I was working in ankle-deep water the majority of the time, and these boots kept me dry,” he said. “The padding on the soles of the boot formed around my feet, creating a cushion that I’ve never experienced in a waterproof boot. These boots will be great for early-season duck hunting, as well as deer hunting in inclement weather.”

Harrison said he raved about the boots so much that a friend finally asked to try them himself. After trying them on, he said he was going to purchase his own pair soon.

“I was so impressed with them, I did not change into tennis shoes when we headed for the house in the afternoon to watch a football game,” Harrison said. “That’s versatility. At the end of the day, I just had to hose them off and throw them in the truck. I look forward to keeping my feet warm, dry and comfortable when I’m sitting in the duck blind this season.”

One question raised is the breathability of the boots in mild to warm temperatures. The boots are rated on a comfort range up to 85 degrees, but users report moisture retention from sweat at even lower temperatures, due to the insulation.

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