8 year old wins boat in rainy tournament

photo12There’s something about winning a boat that makes fishing in the rain worth it.

Mark Standridge’s daughter, 8-year-old Gracie Standridge, toughed out the conditions and held the lucky ticket to win a boat and trolling motor at the Bluegill Family Fishing Tournament Sept. 29 at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens.

“We fish about every tournament we can, and they put on a pretty good little tournament,” Mark said. “But it was cold and wet. We fished all day Saturday in the rain, and did really good for the non-stop rain kind of weather we had.”

When the tournament ended, the Standridge family team had finished in the upper teens of contestants. But when the grand prize drawing was announced, Gracie was the winner.

“She was really excited,” Mark said. “She said that she is really happy and that she’s going to catch a lot of fish now.”

Gracie has been happy to share her success with others in her family.

“She is having lots of fun riding around the pond at our house with her brother, Wyatt, and taking her cat, Callie, for rides,” Mark said. “I have to go recharge the battery; she’s been running it down.”