Hunters get better picture of deer herd with scope, camera phone

scopeThere’s a clever way to take pictures of animals in the field, and it doesn’t take an expensive camera with a strong zoom to do it.

With a scoped rifle and a camera phone, hunters can catch moments in the field by putting their phone to the scope; but it may take some practice to get right.

“I’ve kind of become a photo junkie, but I don’t really have a good camera,” said Waxahachie resident Adrian Sanchez, who hunts in Taylor County. “So I rest the rifle on the window and hold the butt, then I put my phone right up to the scope and slowly scoot it back until that black ring is gone. Last year it took me forever and I got frustrated, but I can almost take a video with it now.”

Sanchez said it’s important to keep both the rifle and the hand with the camera or phone steady.

“The main thing is just finding the right difference in space with the eye relief your rifle may have,” he said. “What I figured out is that the more you turn the scope up the easier it becomes.”

scope2Another benefit is being able to send pictures of deer to friends or others in camp, he said.

“I’ll have two or three other guys on the ranch and ask if I see anything and I’ll send them a picture,” he said. “I’ll get back to camp and say we really need to shoot this older buck it’s going downhill, or don’t shoot this one.

“Game cameras are good but the scope is way more instant. It’s definitely cool.”