Fishing fair on Lake Monticello

montiAnglers are waiting for the temperatures to cool down so that the fishing will heat up on power plant lakes across the state.
One of the LSON crew recently spent a day in Titus County on Lake Monticello, where he said the fishing was fair to good.
The best way to know if the power plant lake you’re about to fish will be much good is to take notice of how active the plant is, our man said.
According to this angler, one stack running means the fishing will be fair, two stacks running means it will be good and all three stacks running means the fishing could be great. If none of the stacks are on, it’s better to fish Lake Welsh.
He went on a day with only one active stack, in addition to post-frontal, high-pressure conditions. But he still managed to catch 15 bass, with an average weight of 1.5 pounds. The biggest bass was 3 pounds.
He also saw multiple anglers with nice stringers of catfish.
Carolina and drop-shot rigs with trick worms in depths to 15 feet was working the best. Water temperatures were reading 69 on the cool end, and 79 on the warm end.
He said that the colder the weather gets, the more active the fish will be and the more likely for anglers to have a stellar day on the water.