KATS produces some nice fish on the Guadalupe River

Gonzales is well known for its place in Texas’ history.

On Oct. 2nd 1835, the first shot was fired, kicking off the Texas Revolution and local soldiers wielded a flag that read “Come and Take It.”

Kayak Angler Tournament Series anglers did their best to do just that, and a few did so in a big way.

Fifty-two anglers squeezed through the Guadalupe River on Saturday in hopes of catching the winning stringer. Most reports throughout the day rang true of a 20 to 40 fish day for many competitors, with most fish being under the legal limit. A “big fish” was rumored to have been caught and Matt Moccia proudly turned in the second biggest bass of the season, a 25-inch largemouth beauty. Moccia recently caught a sharelunker in Dunlap (just up the river from Lake Wood) and regularly produces big bass.

Dawson Merrill, one of the youngest KATS member, is quickly earning a reputation within the crowd as he took first place in the social division with a 76-inch stringer.

In the pro division, Mike Mashl was ecstatic about his 90.5-inch stringer on a day where legal fish were hard to come by. He also battled Dawson Merrill for the custom Lake Wood Yak Attack Blackpak in the post-tournament casting competition. The two eliminated the crowd in round one, and went head to head for several more rounds. Mashl won the Blackpak.

The Series Leaderboard and King of the Fish Leaderboard have once again shifted in this exciting season. Troy Lawson, has taken the lead on both and plans to keep his steady gains coming next weekend. Ryan Herzog, who previously held the lead is in a close second on the overall series, and third for King of the Fish.