Avid bowhunter talks LASIK from Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center


Written by Kleiman | Evangelista Eye Center

Ken Frisby of Justin, Texas is a builder/general contractor and a self-proclaimed fisherman and avid bow hunter — all activities that require excellent eyesight — so he knew he had to do something about his vision. He hated wearing glasses but wasn’t entirely sold on LASIK — until he visited Kleiman | Evangelista Eye Center.

“I met with one of their patient counselors, and she explained the details of the procedure,” said Frisby. Feeling confident with the information he received, he decided to get the Blade-Free HD IntraLASIK procedure, and he is “absolutely glad” he did.

“Being able to sit up in a tree and see an animal 200 yards away without glasses is awesome! I can bait my hook and load my bow with no problem. (Blade-Free HD IntraLASIK from Kleiman | Evangelista Eye Center) will change your life. It gives you the freedom to do things you’ve never done before.”

His surgery with Dr. Anthony Evangelista went so well, Frisby said he now tells everyone, “If you want to get rid of your glasses, go see the folks at Kleiman | Evangelista Eye Center.”

When asked if he would do the procedure all over again, he replied without hesitation, “Yes. A hundred times.”

So, what’s keeping you from getting the procedure?


For more information on the procedures offered at Kleiman | Evangelista Eye Center or to schedule a consultation, visit LASIKsurgery.com or call (800) 714-2020.

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    • Conor Harrison


      We are going to have reports on blues and bobs in the next issue, but suffice to say it will be the best quail hunting year in Texas in a very long time. Numbers up across the board thanks to great range conditions several years in a row. It might look like the 80s in some places in South Texas and the Rolling Plains.