Latest migration reports — getting colder up north

By Avery Outdoors


Name: David Ortley

Date: November 11, 2014

Location: Kalispell, Montana

Weather:  After a perfect early fall we have been host to two weeks of rain and recent snow showers.  For the past week clouds have been cloudy with morning fog and occasional showers.  We received our first snow fall Saturday.  While the snow is gone it signaled entry into early winter.  Daytime highs have been into the low forties and lows have hovered just above freezing.  Winds have varied but have been predominately out of the south.  It is forecast to warm slightly this week.  More importantly, the weather is forecast to be colder in Alberta.

Snow Cover: Snow on the valley floor is gone.  The mountains have snow down to the 3,500 foot level. 

Water Conditions: Drawing down of the lake has begun and as a result the river is quite slow and low. The fields are saturated with some standing water. It rained off and on over the entire week saturating the ground. 

Feeding Conditions: Feeding conditions remain optimal with exposed grain stubble and alfalfa.  As the water level drops river vegetation becomes more accessible.

Species and Numbers: Two weeks ago we saw a dramatic increase in the number of mallards and flock size. Recently we have seen an increase in the number of gadwall.  We have not seen an increase in the number of geese although there are plenty in the valley.

Migrations: As indicated the most notable migration has been in mallards. The recent snow and cooling temperatures will likely bring birds in the coming week.

Season Stage: This is the start of the fifth week of our season.

Hunting Report: Hunting was reported to be very good through last weekend. Field hunting was exceptional.  The early season was the best in recent memory! The big game season opened October 25th and the number of waterfowl hunters seems to have declined as a result.  With the expected change in weather more pressure on birds is anticipated.

Gossip: The general big game season has been extraordinary. Whitetail harvest is up 40 percent over last year with a reported 6 percent success rate. The rut should be kicking off any day now.


Name: Kirk Steffensen

Date: November 5, 2014

Location: Lincoln, NE

Weather: Seasonable, highs in the 50-80’s and lows in the 30-40’s.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Great – rainwater basin are all full with water everywhere.  Local lakes and ponds are also full.

Feeding Conditions: Harvest is in full swing with most beans picked and corn harvest is in full swing.

Species and Numbers: New ducks moving into and through the area with some specks and snows.

Migrations: A little push occurred earlier this week.

Season Stage: Duck and goose seasons are open state-wide.

Hunting Report: Duck numbers are getting better as is harvest numbers, still very few geese taken.

Gossip: Nothing at this time.


Name: Jared Shepard

Date: 11/03/14

Location: Scottsbluff, NE

Weather: Great weather this past week with highs mostly in the 50’s and 60’s and lows in the 30’s!

Snow Cover: None at this time.

Water Conditions: The water level in the river appears to be staying at a good level for hunting. Very welcome rain this morning!

Feeding Conditions: Lots of corn, beans and alfalfa are available for migratory birds!

Species and Numbers: Still only local ducks and geese in the area. Quite a few green- winged teal and some mallards along with family groups of local geese.

Migrations: No major migrations yet! I still didn’t see or hear many cranes this past week…

Season Stage: All waterfowl seasons and pheasant season are open! Dove season is now closed.

Hunting Report: This should be another great year to be a duck hunter…when they get here!

Gossip: None of any significance this past week….


Name: Spencer  Holzfaster

Date: November 4, 2014

Location: North Platte, NE

Weather: 60 Degrees

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: River systems still have great water; big water (local lakes and reservoirs are about 60 percent full and have great back water). Farm ponds are full due to lots of rain and irrigation run off but with warm temps they are starting to dwindle.

Feeding Conditions: Corn harvest is in full swing and is about 80% complete.

Species and Numbers: Lots of teal and a lot more big ducks have made their way down to the back waters of the big reservoirs and are starting to move of the farm ponds to the river systems. Also local wetlands and flooded meadows are starting to build lots more big duck numbers.

Migrations: Slow migrations due to warmer weather. Teal and few big ducks have shown up. Waiting for colder northern temperatures to push more birds down. Some migration has occurred due to low temps at night. These birds are getting kicked off the sandhill lakes in northern Nebraska.

Season Stage: 2 weeks in.

Hunting Report: Good early teal season. There have been lots of early birds around due to the great water conditions. Very few geese around.

Gossip:  None


Name: Vance Stolz

Date: 11-4-14

Location: Johnstown, Colorado

Weather: Mild temp’s with highs in the 50’s and 60’s, Low’s in the 30’s expected over the next 7-days. Only a slight chance of precipitation.

Snow Cover: No snow cover.

Water Conditions: All water systems are open and at above average levels.

Feeding Conditions: Plenty of feeding options for the birds with winter wheat crop beginning to sprout and picking corn harvest well under way.

Species and Numbers: Ducks: Some signs of new bird arrivals including divers as well as wigeon, teal, gadwall. Some mallards in the area, but numbers are still very low along the Front Range. Better numbers of ducks in the eastern part of the state.

Geese: No signs of new geese in the area. We still have a good number of resident birds, but they are scattered throughout the area.

Migrations: Steady increase of duck numbers with very little if any new geese in the area.

Season Stage: First split of duck has been open since the first week of October and our regular goose opens on November 22nd.

Hunting Report: The duck season has started of relatively slow for most hunters along the Front Range of Colorado. There are certainly areas where local bird numbers are higher, which obviously helps those hunters with access to those areas. We are starting to see an increase in numbers, but with very mild weather conditions this fall; we have yet to see any big push of birds.

Gossip: It’s been a slow start for most hunters so far this fall, but it’s early! As with most other parts of the Central Flyway, we need a significant cold front up north before we’ll see a significant migration of ducks and geese. It’s only a matter of time!


Name: Bill Schaefer

Date: 11/3/14

Location: Grand Junction, Colorado

Weather: Summer temperatures have started to cool off quickly in the last two weeks.  Low’s have been in the lower 30’s and highs in the mid to upper 60’s.  With this, some migratory mallards and Canada geese have pushed into the area. A storm system last weekend brought high winds and some rain as well.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions:  The Colorado River in the western Colorado corridor is flowing at 4,080 fps.  Current temperatures are not cold enough to produce any ice on ponds, lakes, or the river which leaves birds spread out on multiple available water sources.

Feeding Conditions:  The fall harvest is beginning as most farmers have finished the last cutting of alfalfa and are switching efforts to the corn fields.  Mostly dry and warm daytime temps are helping to dry the corn adequately before harvest.  The majority of ducks and geese are looking to feed in fresh cut corn in these generally mild conditions.  Birds are primarily feeding in the mornings and resting the remainder of the day before returning to the evening roost.

Species and Numbers:  Currently, mallards and Canada geese are the primary species around with some blue-winged teal and gadwall on larger water systems.

Migrations: Some of the birds in the area are resident birds with influxes of new migrators weekly. The coming full moon and cooler temperatures north should continue to bring new birds.

Season Stage:  Currently we are in the early season. The “official” season opener (or 2nd split) for the Pacific Flyway was November 2nd.

Hunting Report:  The “official” opening day for the Pacific Flyway was Saturday, November 2nd.  High winds and mild temps made a good morning for a mixed bag hunt of mallards and Canada geese.

Gossip: Nothing at this time.


Name: Lance Ohnmacht

Date: 11/04/14

Location: Hutchinson, KS

Weather: Light showers yesterday and cooler weather with some moisture in the air just feels right! Rain was NOT pond filler but it will surely help the wheat and pheasant hunters this weekend! Highs are all over the place from the high 40’s to the low 70’s. Lows in the high 30’s.

Snow Cover:  NA

Water Conditions: Fair on public but not much water on private lands without pumping.

Feeding Conditions: Moist soil plants had a good summer and most places should have good feed conditions for early migrants. Corn harvest is near complete with milo and beans left. A fair amount of waste corn sprouted and grew; it will be interesting to see how long geese will stay in a field.

Species and Numbers: Public and refuge pools report mostly teal. Not many big ducks.

Migrations: More reports of occasional specks moving through. Not as many sandhill cranes around as there should be. Teal numbers are trading from blue-wings to green-wings.

Season Stage: All goose seasons are open as well as early and late duck zones. Sandhill crane opens November 5th.  Pheasant season opens this weekend.

Hunting Report: Pressure is high and birds are learning fast!

Gossip: Don’t blink… things are going to happen fast.


Name: Nick Lisec

Date: 11/4/14

Location: Kansas City, Kansas

Weather: Mid 50’s to upper 30’s.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: We received a short bit of rain yesterday – less than ¼” locally.

Feeding Conditions: Bean fields are getting cut and winter wheat is getting put into the ground.

Species and Numbers: Mainly teal and puddle ducks showing up.

Migrations: Cooler weather is in the 10 day forecast. I’m excited for the next couple weeks.

Season Stage: We are open in almost every area of KS and things are just beginning.

Hunting Report: Good to average success has been had by most hunters.

Gossip: Scouting is the key to success.


Name: Dallas W. Branch

Date: 11.01.2014

Location: Morrison, OK

Weather: Cold, first freeze of the year. Winds picked up out of the south at 30mph.

Snow Cover: N/A

Water Conditions: Lakes in the area are normal levels.

Feeding Conditions: Winter wheat, millet and smart weed doing well in the area.

Species and Numbers: Very few ducks in the area, seeing more resident geese than anything.  Wood ducks are in the area.

Migrations: Not much of anything

Season Stage: Opening Day

Hunting Report: N/A

Gossip: N/A




Name: Richard Shamla

Date: 11-5-14

Location: Clara City, MN

Weather:  Today it is overcast with light rain and wind.  Temperature is 41 degrees.  We had are having cooler temperatures this week with some rain.  The daytime highs are in the 50’s and 40’s with nighttime lows are at freezing. The wind yesterday was a stiff west to northwest wind perfect for migration.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Water is average and all open.

Feeding Conditions: Waterfowl are feeding in the harvested corn fields twice a day morning and night.

Species and Numbers: Geese are slightly up and ducks numbers are low. Small push of new geese into the area.

Migrations: Last week we had one day of real strong winds which brought some new birds into the area.  Most are not leaving yet.

Season Stage: Second half of the season.

Hunting Report: Goose hunting has been okay not real great.  Duck hunting there is not much going on as the number of birds is not real huntable in the area.

Gossip: Hunted South Dakota and they are in the same stage as we are.


Name: Ben Cade

Date: 11/02/2014

Location: Ortonville, MN

Weather: High temps in the low fifties, lows near freezing. Strong south winds.

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Ok. Most area wetlands are full.

Feeding Conditions: Improving, more corn continues to come out.

Species and Numbers:  Best numbers are Canada geese hitting area corn fields. A few ducks have shown up, but only a few flocks in large numbers.

Migrations: Slight migration if any. We need cold temps and north wind to bring us more new birds.

Season Stage: Middle to end of our regular duck season.

Hunting Report: Hunting has been poor for most guys. We just don’t have the birds numbers needed for widespread success. We seem to be waiting on a larger migration as we head into the final four weeks of our duck season in the central zone.

Gossip: Lots of guys in blaze orange right now chasing pheasants and we are heading into the deer season


Name: Russell Brzezinski

Date:             November 2nd, 2014

Location: Berkley, Michigan

Weather: Clear, sun and cold temps.

Snow Cover: N/A

Water Conditions: First freeze of the year.

Feeding Conditions: Open water areas are the preferred feeding locations right now.

Species and Numbers: Didn’t see the number of birds we saw earlier in the week scouting, not many geese around.

Migrations: Didn’t see many migrators either.

Season Stage: Mid-season stage

Hunting Report: Poor hunting this weekend, though from reports, it sounded like 10/31 was a good day to be out (storm, heavy wind and overcast)  Not as many geese as I had seen earlier in the month.


Name: Gerry Mazur

Date: November 4th, 2014

Location: Graytown, Ohio

Weather: Cloudy with gusty winds. Temps in the 50’s for several days.

Snow Cover: N/A

Water Conditions: Water levels down with SW push of wind in marshes and along smaller rivers and creeks.

Feeding Conditions: Some food sources open but not needed with plenty of grass and no pressure.

Species and Numbers: Along the 2 major refuges, Ottawa and Magee very slim pickings.

Migrations: Birds are across the lake in Ontario.

Season Stage: Lake Erie marsh zone closed until November 15th; consult your lawyer and hunting guide.

Hunting Report: Poor


Name: Justin Weber

Date: 11/4/2014

Location: Cottage Grove, Wisconsin

Weather: Partly sunny with lows in the 30’s and highs in the 50’s.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Water levels are at normal conditions.

Feeding Conditions: Canada geese are feeding in combined corn fields, as well as a few ducks. Ducks are mostly still using marshes and ponds for a feed source though.

Species and Numbers: Seeing scattered numbers of ducks in my surrounding area. When you do find some they are plentiful. Geese are pretty much all over, but are moving in and out constantly, making field hunting a bit tricky at times.

Migrations: This past weekend we had a huge cold front come through. The top half of the state was covered in snow for at least a day. Unfortunately we didn’t get the number of birds I expected. With another front in the near future I’m hoping to see some ducks make their way through.

Season Stage: Mid-season

Hunting Report: This weekend was a rough one for my group. Expecting a bigger push we were left with cold hands, wind burned skin, and a light game strap.

Gossip: Mississippi River reports are looking good. Planning on setting a spread for ducks!


Name: Nathan Bender

Date: 11-4-2014

Location: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Weather: Partly cloudy to overcast skies with rain have made up the forecast for the last week or so. Temperatures have been steady in the 40s-50s with some mornings the lows dropping down in to the 20s.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Water levels have been pretty consistent for most areas all across the board and have been benefitting the hunters as a good amount of the crops are coming out by the day and the birds are starting to get concentrated.

Feeding Conditions: Honkers have been feeding both in the mornings and afternoons. They have been hitting cornfields as of late with some hitting beans. The mallards that are down are hitting cornfields that have standing water in the early morning hours as well as in the evenings. Numbers vary from area to area but feeds of up to a thousand to two thousand mallards can be found easily if you put the time in scouting.

Species and Numbers: Our current honker population is high with migrators moving in each day we have had north winds. Our duck population as of right now consists of mostly divers and mallards. Numbers of mallards have increased as the crops have come off and the temperatures have started to fall up to the north. The majorities of the small puddle ducks have packed their bags and/or will be after this weekend with the next cold front coming. Divers should be here within the next week in really good numbers and hunters should expect to have great shooting on many different species up until the season closes.

Migrations: Whenever a north wind is present, migrating Canada geese and ducks have filled the skies. With the extended forecast and weather that the north country is experiencing, we should see a pretty significant push of new waterfowl after each front and it should make for good hunts until we get the extremely cold weather near the end of our season.

Season Stage: Mid-season

Hunting Report: Hunting has been exceptional if you can find a field that Honkers are feeding in or if you are able to get under the migratory birds that are headed south. I’ve heard of mixed reports with guys that have been shooting honker limits in the area with the strong population of resident honkers but have also heard reports that are very stale. Reports from other hunters in our area on duck numbers have been spotty but almost every hunt so far this season in pursuit of ducks for me has yielded good success!

Gossip: Teal and wood ducks are becoming more and more rare in the area as we move into November and if anyone is seeing them, they are bunched up and getting ready to head south with the next front. Although we saw an early push of pintails to start the season, this past weekend we noticed a lot of them mixed in with groups of mallards. The pintails are still immature birds that have not developed their winter plumage yet but it is still very cool to see for our state this far north. Mallards have made a small push during the last week and have filled most sloughs in the area and many are expecting with the new weather in the forecast, that we will see another significant push of mallards.


Name: Tad Hartwig

Date: 11/2/14

Location: Garner, Iowa

Weather: Sunny, SE winds 15-20mph, high 50.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Normal

Feeding Conditions: Good a lot of crop fields are finally out.

Species and Numbers: Big Canadas are thick, mallards are spotty.

Migrations: Had new geese show up this past week.  A few mallards have showed up as well.  Cold snap hit but had a south wind which is not typical.  Haven’t seen a real big push of birds yet.

Season Stage: Mid-season

Hunting Report: Starting to kill a few more birds now that crop fields have opened up allowing birds so feed in different areas.  Spreads hunters out as well.

Gossip: Not much lately.  Pheasant season opened up here so now a lot of the weekend guys have hung up the waterfowl gear for the year.  This is great for the rest of us! 


Name: Brandon Geweke

Date: 10-3-2014

Location: Antioch, Illinois

Weather: Lows in high 20’s and highs in the 40’s/ strong north winds 25-40 mph.

Snow Cover: A dusting last Thursday.

Water Conditions: Saw our first skim ice on small ponds throughout the week

Feeding Conditions: Birds have been hitting the same fields all week. When there is a safe field the field will pull every goose in the area and makes it very difficult to pull birds off from going to that field.

Species and Numbers: Lots of geese pushed out at the end of the week with the strong north winds had a decent amount of mallards show up.

Migrations: Divers pushed hard this past week. Goose numbers are thinning looking for some new birds to show up.

Season Stage: We are 3 weeks into our regular season

Hunting Report: Have a couple great hunts do to a flooded timber patch and a flooded bean field, if it wasn’t for these two spots it would be tough hunting now. Others are groups are struggling at this point in season

Gossip: Nothing at this time.


Name: Ryan Eder

Date: November 4, 2014

Location: Lake County, IL / SE Wisconsin (Kenosha County)

Weather: Temps 35-45 degrees, N/NW winds most of the week 5-15mph (SW winds Sunday).

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: All lakes and ponds open no rain this week – minimal flooding/receding flooding.

Feeding Conditions: Harvest continues, heavy feeding in corn/bean fields.

Species and Numbers: Divers are here – large groups of ring-bills, redhead, bufflehead, still seeing mallard groups on farm ponds, large amounts of Canada geese.

Migrations: Canada geese, divers making their way down, mallard numbers seems same or slightly lower (local birds being broken up and pressured).

Season Stage: Still early, weather warming up again and migration not in full swing.

Hunting Report: Shot 10 ducks this weekend and 4 geese on a cattle pond. 

Gossip: Several hunters having success on divers on bigger water (chain of lakes), lower mallard numbers since opening day as local birds are harvested, pressured and re-directed.  Still large groups of geese around, feeding in corn fields and hitting water mid-day.


Name: Ralph Harr

Date: 11/2/14

Location: Frankford, MO

Weather: Sunny with cooler winds coming out of the west/northwest.

Snow Cover: N/A

Water Conditions: water conditions for this area are at minimum stage of the season. 

Feeding Conditions: Poor to fair. Food consists of smartweed and millet, no corn available due to early summer flooding.

Species and Numbers: +-4000 birds using the area. Dabbler ducks, mallards, spoonies, wigeon and a few teal.

Migrations: Few birds are starting to trickle down the flyway nothing crazy yet and we sure could use a big push.

Season Stage: Early stage, one full week into the 2014 season.

Hunting Report: Birds where not leaving the comfort of the refuge and not working hunting pools very well if at all. Cover is very sparse making it very difficult to keep hidden.

Gossip: Reports of a lot of birds in Canada and North Dakota. Colder temps up there would be nice for us!


Name: Shaun Patrick

Date: 10/5/14

Location: Troy, MO

Weather: Lows in the 40’s, highs in the 50’s.

Snow Cover: N/A

Water Conditions: Excellent

Feeding Conditions: Good

Species and Numbers: Teal, gadwall, mallards, misc. puddlers.

Migrations: Yesterday was the biggest push of the season so far. Guys who were able to hunt yesterday had great success and were able to fill their bags quickly.

Season Stage: Early

Hunting Report: Hunting this weekend was slow. Saturday birds worked early and then shut off about 9. Sunday was slow all day. Yesterday however was the best hunting of the season so far.

Gossip: The south central zone in IL opens this weekend and is always a great hunt. Can’t wait to get back home and hunt with old friends.


Name: Jay Hayter

Date: 11/3/15

Location: Shreveport, LA

Weather: 40-70s

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Low to normal, some rain at the end of last week helped. 

Feeding Conditions: Good, all of the rice has been harvested and waiting for flooding for the season.

Species and Numbers: Wood ducks and a few teal around. 

Migrations: None observed.

Season Stage: Two weeks away!

Hunting Report: Nothing yet, hoping for some north winds.

Gossip: College football heating up toward the playoffs.


Name: John Gordon

Date: 11/4/2014

Location: Coldwater, MS

Weather: Very nice, low temps around 50 with highs near 70.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Stable, another rain event is due this week.

Feeding Conditions: Good, almost all of the bean and corn fields have been harvested along with the rice. Locals will be flooding areas soon before opening day.

Species and Numbers: Mainly wood ducks in this area with a few shovelers and gadwall around. The first specks have hit the Delta.

Migrations: The last north winds brought in quite a few birds. We will need more of the same to have a good youth day on November 22.

Season Stage: Just waiting on the opening day of duck which is Thanksgiving Day. Geese will open before that in mid-November.

Hunting Report: Just a few folks hunting doves now.

Gossip: The MS State Bulldogs are still number 1! The National Championship may come down to the Alabama showdown in Tuscaloosa. Never thought I would be able to say that!




Name: Eric Bartlett

Date: 11/4/14

Location: Hollis, Maine

Weather: Clear with mild temps in the mid-50’s.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Calm and cool

Feeding Conditions: Cut corn.

Species and Numbers: Saw about 400 geese.

Migrations: We are just into the opening of the second season here in southern Maine and with fluctuating temps the waterfowl seem to be moving.

Hunting Report: Haven’t been out to much due to unfavorable conditions over the past few days, however today being calmer some geese came into a local farm field to feed.

Gossip: Now that deer season is here it looks like people have shifted gears and headed for the woods. Now with the cooler temps possibly the ducks will start coming back into our waterways that stay open for the later season.


Name: Mike Bard           

Date: November 4, 2014

Location: Montezuma, NY

Weather: Mostly cloudy,

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Low

Feeding Conditions: Good and improving

Species and Numbers: Canada geese are in excellent numbers while duck numbers stagnant and are getting stale.

Migrations: Geese continue to move in and out, while ducks are trickling in.

Season Stage: Mid-season

Hunting Report: Goose hunting success continues while ducks have been hit or miss.


Name: Sean Hager

Date: November, 4th 2014

Location: Chaffee, NY

Weather: Windy and 50 tonight. We had a couple days of cold and rain and even snow and then warmed back up today. The wind is supposed to blow tomorrow and rain in the afternoon.

Snow Cover: No snow cover now.

Water Conditions: All water is open

Feeding Conditions: There are a lot of fields that still have crops due to the rain here last couple weeks.

Species and Numbers: We are seeing small numbers of mallards and a few teal this week. Still a decent number of Canadas here also in the ponds and the winter wheat.

Migrations: Not much of a migration yet but more in the northern zones they have started to see a few new birds move in.

Season Stage: We are still in the beginning of our duck season here in western NY.

Hunting Report: There have been a few guys getting some good shoots in here. We hunted near Watertown last week and had two great shoots in the corn for Canadas. We are trying a marsh hunt tomorrow morning with the bad weather coming in.

Gossip:  Most of the talk has been about the weather here. It was cold a crappy and rainy for a week and then it got warm again.


Name: Sean M. Fritzges

Date: 1 November 2014

Location: Bel Air, MD

Weather: Temps cooling as fall has arrived.

Snow Cover: None at this time.

Water Conditions: Chesapeake Bay tide levels normal. Local fresh water ponds to average elevation.

Feeding Conditions:  Resident Canada geese feeding on cut corn fields and picking through hay fields. No beans cut to date on our farms.

Species and Numbers:  Resident numbers are very good with migrating birds arriving steadily.

Migrations: Migrating Canada geese arriving daily.

Season Stage: Closed at this time.

Hunting Report: MD’s waterfowl youth day was 1 November. I was able to gather six youth to give my farm a crash run before the season opens the 22 November. The kids were able to pull in 10 birds for a successful hunt.

Gossip: Bow hunters taking charge of the deer woods.


Name: Kenny Gray

Date: November 4, 2014

Location: Chestertown, MD

Weather: Temperatures are dropping, daytime highs in the 60’s, nighttime in the 40’s.

Snow Cover: None at this time.

Water Conditions: Good but we could use a little more.

Feeding Conditions: Geese are feeding mainly on cut corn with winter wheat.

Species and Numbers: Good numbers of Canada geese, no snow geese yet, no divers yet. Still a good number of teal around and puddle duck numbers picked up this week.

Migrations: A good push of puddle ducks showed up this week. Numbers are good but not great.

Season Stage: Duck season opens in two weeks, goose season still three weeks away.

Hunting Report: Our youth waterfowl day, last weekend, appears to be a big success around the state. Our group had a good shoot on mallards, teal and a few geese.

Gossip: With the youth waterfowl day over, all attention has been turned to the rut; new bucks are showing up daily, it’s time to get in the stand and hunt.


Name: Marshall Starkey

Date: 11/3/14

Location: Essex, MD

Weather: Seasonal weather with cooler lows at night.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Average

Feeding Conditions: Cut agricultural fields and impoundments that have recently flooded are holding birds.

Species and Numbers: Canada goose numbers continue to inch up.

Migrations: New geese have continued to arrive on the upper shore.

Season Stage: AP Canada goose season is a few weeks away.

Hunting Report: Youth waterfowl hunters had very windy and rainy conditions as Saturday progressed.

Gossip: The whitetail rut is starting to really ramp up.


Name: Bryn Witmier

Date: 11/4/2014

Location: Strausstown, PA

Weather: It seems like the wind never quits.  Temps range from seasonal to 70.

Snow Cover: None

Water Condition: Low

Feeding Conditions: Good.

Species and Numbers:  Good amounts of Canada geese around.  Some different duck species but no real numbers.

Migrations: Some Canada geese filtering in.

Season Stage: Duck and goose season reopens Nov. 15th.

Hunting Report: Warm temps this week seem to have slowed down the whitetail rut.  Deer are being shot but not tons of chase activity.

Gossip: Polar vortex next week??  Stay tuned.


Name: Kevin Addy

Date: November 4, 2014

Location: Reading, PA

Weather: Highs in the 60’s and lows in the 30’s by late week.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Levels are low again. It appears every year the ground absorbs more water – wonder if it has anything to do with other things going on in the state.

Feeding Conditions: Good – plenty of corn and beans down. The earlier harvested silage fields have cover crop and there are plenty of acorns and moist soil plants along the ponds, rivers and streams.

Species and Numbers: The Canada numbers are up in some areas and about the same in others. The duck numbers are up a little from last week along with a variety of ducks around.

Migrations: We continue to have birds moving down but have yet to get the real big push.

Season Stage: North zone duck and RP geese are open now. The south zone duck and AP goose season open on the 15th.

Hunting Report: Nothing open on the south / AP zone.

Gossip: Some nice deer have been harvested in the last week.


Name: Richard Foley

Date: 11/4/14

Location: Fairfield, NC

Weather: Much cooler than previous weeks. There was a cold front that moved in this past weekend.

Snow Cover: none

Water Conditions: They remain average still, no substantial precipitation.

Feeding Conditions: Birds are becoming more active. They are feeding on the lake and flooded impoundments.

Species and Numbers: Teal and wigeon numbers are beginning to rise. Pintails are beginning to show as well. Swans are arriving daily.

Migrations: A fairly substantial push of birds this past weekend due to the cold front that pushed through.

Season Stage: Season begins in 4 days!!!

Hunting Report: none

Gossip:  This cold front brought down some birds!!! Should be a good opening day! Stay Safe.



Name: Bill Dougan

Date: November 3, 2014

Location: Cochrane, Alberta

Weather: Temperatures have been ranging from lows of -2 to highs of +6. Mostly sunny for most of the week and moderate winds, with maybe some flurries the latter part of the week.

Snow Cover: Had some flurries but it has mostly melted away.

Water Conditions: Water conditions are still good, may see some freeze ups in the northern


Feeding Conditions: Feeding conditions are still good in most areas.

Species and Numbers: There are lots of divers here now and still lots of mallards and

very good numbers of geese.

Migrations: The northern parts of the province have had some freeze and some snow

that should push a lot of birds south within the next few days.

Season Stage: We are just starting our eighth week of the season which opened on

September 8.

Hunting Report: Guys are still having some great diver hunts and mallard hunts in Peace

River areas and also some incredible snow goose hunting in the Edmonton area. The

southern areas will have a lot of birds in the area within the next week.

Gossip: It was an awesome year around the Edmonton area as there were some

incredible hunts for most of the last eight weeks.


Name: Chris Stoddart

Date: November 3, 2014

Location: Lanark, ON

Weather: Cool, morning frost

Snow Cover: Nil

Water Conditions: Open

Feeding Conditions: Excellent in back bays and ponds.

Species and Numbers: Good numbers of mallards, wood ducks, ring-neck ducks.

Migrations: Insane numbers of Canada geese, most I’ve ever seen in the Ottawa


Season Stage: Mid-season

Hunting Report: Excellent

Gossip: Great season so far! 




Name: Allen Riggs

Date: 11-2-14

Location: Metaline, WA

Weather: Cool, high temps are in the mid-50s and lows are in the low 30s.

Snow Cover: N/A

Water Conditions: Pend Oreille River remains high but is starting to drop. Water is clear and cool.

Feeding Conditions: Birds continue to feed in harvested fields and are using the river to loaf and water up in the evenings.

Species and Numbers: Numbers appear to be down; Canada goose numbers are lower than average and duck numbers are very low.

Migrations: Not seeing migrations right now.

Season Stage: Week 4 of the season.

Hunting Report: Hunting is very slow, very few birds.

Gossip: We need more birds!


Name: Kent Contreras

Date: 11-03-2014

Location: Newport, WA

Weather:  Low temps have been in the 40’s and highs in the 50’s. Rain over the weekend, forecasts show more rain showers approaching the corner of the state. Temps will remain at average and precipitation will be above average.

Snow Cover: Snow arrived to the higher elevations over the week.

Water Conditions: Water levels are starting to drop.

Feeding Conditions: Moderate to good feeding conditions at this time.

Species and Numbers: Below average number of resident geese and puddle ducks.

Migrations: None, still holding resident birds.

Season Stage: Fourth week of open season!

Hunting Report: With rain showers over the week – birds were scarce. Should see an increase in numbers as forecasts are favorable and water levels dropping on the Pend Oreille River.

Gossip: Don’t know how long this warmer weather will hold out, looking forward to some colder temps!


Name: Geffrey Duncan

Date: 11/3/14

Location: Chehalis, WA

Weather: Little bit of fog in the mornings, temperatures in the 50s, overcast skies.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Good, finally started to get water in the fields.

Feeding Conditions:  With the bad weather they are hitting the corn.

Species and Numbers: Cacklers are showing up in big numbers, starting to finally get our ducks. Mallards, teal, and wigeon are starting to push in with some pintail.

Migrations: Cacklers are in; ducks are starting to push down from Canada.

Season Stage: Starting to get to mid-season.

Hunting Report: If you are on the “X” then you should be doing pretty well.

Gossip: Most of everything holding birds is leased.


Name: Zach LaBorde

Date: November 3, 2014

Location: Chehalis, Washington

Weather: Saturday was overcast with highs in the 50’s, lows in the 40’s with intermittent wind and showers. Sunday was overcast and rainy with early fog, but a 10 mph wind from the south cleared the fog out

Snow Cover: None. Washington received its first snow showers on mountain passes last weekend but nothing at lower elevations

 Water Conditions: Fields are starting to get sheet water in them and some ditches are overflowing and spilling into fields from recent rains. This is creating ideal feeding conditions for birds and provides great hunting opportunities

Feeding Conditions: The harvest is over in our area. Birds are now feeding on winter cover crops such as rye grass, alfalfa, and triticale. Ducks are feeding in flooded grass and corn fields

Species and Numbers: Numbers of cackling geese are very strong in the area. Several thousand cacklers were using our fields this weekend. Some specks and snows mixed in. Ducks started to show up this weekend. Hundreds of pintail and wigeon in the area. Also a ton of green-winged teal. Mallard numbers are also increasing

Migrations: For cacklers, we are near or at peak migration. I think we are seeing the front end of a major duck migration and with the weather we are supposed to get this week, we could see a big push of birds for next weekend

Season Stage: Season is in full swing now, and with the heavy rains and good numbers of birds, it finally feels like duck season

Hunting Report: Hunting this weekend was excellent. We reached full limits of cackling geese both days, with a few bonus specks mixed in on Sunday. Now is the time to get the geese while they are here

Gossip: Despite less than ideal conditions (high overcast and light wind) we still enjoyed success due to the sheer number of birds in the area. Size of decoy spread doesn’t matter right now. If you are set up where they want to be then you will have success.


Name: David Harper

Date: 11-4-14

Location: Twin Falls, Idaho

Weather: Temperatures have been on the mild side with day time highs in the upper 50’s but at night dipping all the way to freezing causing some ice in places but it is always very thin and not affecting birds. Recent storms have dumped snow in the higher elevations and put down enough rain in the valleys to keep puddles full.

Snow Cover: No snow cover

Water Conditions: Water looks great as all reservoirs are returning to full and rivers are flowing at very huntable levels.

Feeding Conditions: Birds are making a transition to corn fields to feed as a good majority of the valleys corn is now harvested.

Species and Numbers: Not much in the way of geese around the valley except for resident birds near Burley and Hagerman. Otherwise the puddle ducks are doing very well with large numbers of mallards, pintails and wigeons. Divers are starting to become more plentiful on the Snake River.

Migrations: Divers are being pushed in with every cold front we get, should make for good hunting here in a couple weeks.

Season Stage: Approximately one month into the season now.

Hunting Report: The duck hunting is great right now on most waters in the mornings and even some good evening shoots being produced. Field hunting can be tough right now as the full moon and mild weather has allowed birds to come out late in the evening.

Gossip: Nothing at this time.


Name: Matt Thomas

Date: Nov 3rd, 2014

Location: Indio, California

Weather: Cloudy, 52 to 72 degrees, strong winds.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Clear at 64 degrees and low.

Feeding Conditions: Ample food available for the pending migration.

Species and Numbers: Steady numbers of mallards, spoonbills, and a few flights of bluebills starting to show up in the area.

Migrations: Cold weather in the northern flyway should get large numbers of birds on the migration.

Season Stage: Pre-migration

Hunting Report: Birds left over from the first two weekends are pretty educated, decoy shy and call weary. Early AM hunts are still putting up solid straps of ducks.


Name: Rob Friedel

Date: 11/4/2014

Location: Hooper, UT

Weather: Mornings have been a little cooler, occasionally dipping below freezing. The weekend brought A LOT of wind followed by cooler temps.

Snow Cover:  Saw some brush the mountain tops down to about 8,000 ft.

Water Conditions: Impoundments for the WMAs are all holding a good bit of water.  The Great Salt Lake and surrounding marshes are struggling.

Feeding Conditions: Birds had to move a bit with all of the wind.  Seeing the big ducks push more to grass. The brine was apparently bunched up from the storm.

Species and Numbers:  Lots of GWT, spooners. The swans are starting to show up, along with more divers. The last jet stream brought in a good number of mallards and pintail.

Migrations: Pretty good push this last weekend.

Season Stage: One month down.

Hunting Report: Last weekend was awesome!  Wind made for great hunting conditions. Shooting was tougher but man was it fun!

Gossip: Nothing at this time.


Name: Travis Madden

Date: 11/4/14

Location: Orem, Utah

Weather: Mornings have cooled off and clear skies and sunny the remainder of the week.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Depending on where you hunt it will vary most places are low.

Feeding Conditions: Again feeding conditions are varying with little water this summer. Fields should have good feed

Species and Numbers: Lots of divers moving into the area. Still plenty of puddle ducks and more are moving in.

Migrations: Seeing new birds with the last cold front. Swans are also starting to move in

Season Stage: A month into the season and warm temps made it not so hot hunting but November should heat up!

Hunting Report: More birds being harvested with the last cold front. Swans are starting to show up as well. Hunting should get good for November

Gossip: Nothing at this time.


Name: Travis Lyle

Date: 11-3-14

Location: Fernley, NV

Weather: Mid 50’s for a high, lows in the 20’s.

Snow Cover:  Finally!!  Mountains got a little covering over the weekend.  Never got a total but we will take it.

Water Conditions: Bad. Water is now shut off going to Greenhead and Stillwater.  This is it so make the best of it and hope for wet weather.  Other area’s water is still receding, but hoping with the cold weather it will slow down

Feeding Conditions: Its’ the same as the water, little to none.  Been seeing some plots of wigeon grass floating around in a few areas.

Species and Numbers: Lots of spoons, and coots if you’re into that. Some mallards, gadwalls and teal have moved in but still few.  Not much for geese around now.  Birds are showing up just in low numbers.  A few swans have been seen in some areas as well

Migrations: Did see some snow geese so there are birds moving.  A few specks have been getting shot. We’re seeing a few more mallards too. Snow geese are showing their faces

Season Stage: Season is under way with some people having a little success. Been lots of yelling in the morning.  Getting up early doesn’t seem to matter anymore with people setting up 50 yards from you.

Hunting Report:  Not many limits coming out of anywhere.  Not many hunters over the weekend either.

Gossip: Not hearing much at all.