Migration reports for mid-December

Written by Avery Outdoors

This is about as depressing as you can get for Texas waterfowl hunters. High temperatures up north, plenty of accessible food and open water across the Central Flyway means birds haven’t been pushed down in big numbers. Hopefully, some cold weather will arrive soon.


Name: Kirk Steffensen

Date: December 17, 2014

Location: Lincoln, NE

Weather: Cool again. . .Temperatures dropped quick on Sunday night into Monday morning with day time highs below freezing with overnight low near single digits.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Most waters are open again but will quickly freeze when the wind lays up tonight.

Feeding Conditions: Good, all fields are open.

Species and Numbers: Good number of ducks and geese in the area.

Migrations: Nothing notable.

Season Stage: Duck season closed in the Zone 2 but goose seasons are open state-wide.

Hunting Report: Spotty, birds have been difficult to pattern with the weekend’s warmer weather.


Name: Jared Shepard

Date: 12/15/14

Location: Scottsbluff, NE

Weather: Cooler temperatures moved in last night and brought some snow with them. Highs this coming week are expected to reach the upper 30’s and overnight lows into the single digits.

Snow Cover: Snow last night and this morning totaled approximately 6-8 inches.

Water Conditions: The water level is stable in the river and at a good depth and speed for hunting. Ponds are starting to melt around the edges but most remain frozen in the middle. High winds expected this week should keep them open.

Feeding Conditions: Lots of corn, beans and alfalfa are available for migratory birds but they may have to dig through the snow for a couple days to get to it.

Species and Numbers: Excellent numbers of geese! Duck numbers remain average for this time of year; the majority being mallards with a smattering of widgeon, gadwall and some green wings.

Migrations: It appears as if we received a few ducks and geese with this most recent front but not many.

Season Stage: All waterfowl seasons and pheasant season are open! Waterfowl seasons are about at the half way point.

Hunting Report: The goose hunting report remains excellent. Duck hunters should see an increase in activity with the cooler weather this coming week.

Gossip: Same gossip as every year…stalled birds in the Dakota’s and stale birds here for the time.


Name:  Dallas W. Branch

Date: 12.15.2014

Location:  Morrison, OK

Weather: Grey and Humid with light mist.  Very little wind and temperatures from mid 40’s to upper 60’s

Snow Cover:   N/A

Water Conditions:  Lake is about 1’ below normal

Feeding Conditions:  Winter wheat is doing well.

Species and Numbers:  Ducks and Geese are in low numbers

Migrations: No Migrations lately

Season Stage: Season is open

Hunting Report:  Hunters are low and low success

Gossip:  Mild damp temperatures have slowed things down since the last week.



Name: Richard Shamla

Date: 12-16-14

Location: Clara City MN

Weather: Daytime highs in the 20’s with night time low in the single digits.  We had an arctic front come in and drop a fresh dusting of snow and cold. Last weekend we had highs in the 50’s and it melted all the snow.

Snow Cover: A new dusting in the area

Water Conditions: Most water is frozen except some goose holes on Lac Qui Parle Lake and the river.

Feeding Conditions: Remaining waterfowl are feeding in corn fields around the refuge.

Species and Numbers:  Not a large number of geese but there are still some around.

Migrations: None

Season Stage: Duck season is closed and we are nearing the end of goose season.

Hunting Report: Not many people have been hunting most people are ice fishing.

Gossip: With the high temperatures and winds a couple of fish house went through the ice on Big Stone Lake.  The fishing had been steady on most lakes.


Name:  Greg Owens

Date: Dec 16 2014

Location: Rochester, MN

Weather: Lows in the 20’s and highs in the 50’s

Snow Cover: Trace

Water Conditions:  Most of the area roost ponds have 5 to 7 inches of ice on them.

Feeding Conditions:  There is still a bunch of waste grain in the fields for the ducks and geese to feed on.

Species and Numbers:  Duck and Goose numbers are pretty good, but the birds that are here have been here for a while and know the game.

Migrations:  none noted.

Season Stage: Duck season is over.  Geese go on through Jan 5th.

Hunting Report: Geese are getting tougher around town.  The geese train out and circle waiting for a flock to safely land in a field, then every flock behind them will pour into that field to feed.

Gossip:  Ice fishing is really starting to heat up.


Name: Justin Weber

Date: 12/16/2014

Location: Cottage Grove, Wisconsin

Weather: Partly Sunny with lows in the 30’s and highs in the low 40’s

Snow Cover: Most snow has thawed out

Water Conditions: With warmer temperatures ice is starting to melt and more open water is becoming available to remaining birds.

Feeding Conditions: Geese are hitting cornfields in the morning and in the afternoon.

Species and Numbers: There are large concentrations of geese on open water with decent numbers of mallards and goldeneyes as well.

Migrations: There are very few birds north of us right now; however, have seen some geese heading north. Guessing this warmer weather has birds a little mixed up.

Season Stage: Late-Season

Hunting Report: Hunted a lake that had a section, with a good current flowing through it, that was open. Geese were very decoy and call shy. It seems that right now large spreads are needed to convince birds to commit to your spread.

Gossip: Lots of geese around for the last week of season!


Name:  Ralph Harr

Date: 12/15/2014

Location: St. Peter’s mo

Weather: very mild.

Snow Cover: none

Water Conditions: water conditions for the area are typical for this time of the year 

Feeding Conditions: fair to poor

Species and Numbers: the birds that are around are mallards but numbers are extremely low and hunting has been terrible

Migrations: nothing to speak of

Season Stage: almost over for the duck part of the year


Name:  Shaun Patrick

Date: 12/17/14

Location: Troy MO

Weather: Lows in the 20’s highs in the 30’s

Snow Cover: N/A

Water Conditions: Good

Feeding Conditions: Good

Species and Numbers: Mallards

Migrations: We had a small push of birds into the area over the past few days with the front moving through.

Season Stage: Late

Hunting Report: Hunting has picked up in the area a bit over the past couple of days, prior to that we went through one of the worst stretches for hunting in the past few years.





Name:  Kevin Addy

Date: December 16, 2014

Location: Reading, PA

Weather: Lows in the 30’s and highs in the 50’s

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Levels are getting close to normal with the recent rains.

Feeding Conditions: Good – most corn fields have been harvest but a few still remain. Lots of corn, cover crop and beans available.

Species and Numbers: Mallards, blacks and Canada’s.

Migrations:  We did get the biggest push of the year on 12-12 and 12-13. Lots of Canada’s and snows moved down.

Season Stage:  Ducks will remain open until the end now while goose just opened again on Dec15th.

Hunting Report: Hunting has been hit or miss for ducks and Canada geese just opened on the 15th.

Gossip: Could use a cold snap


Name:  Eric Bartlett

Date: 12/14/14

Location: Hollis, Maine

Weather: Mild temperatures in the 40’s with a few clouds

Snow Cover: A few inches of ice covered snow that is melting slowly.

Water Conditions: Cold but open with some ice in scattered pockets

Feeding Conditions: Open water shorelines

Species and Numbers: 25 green heads

Migrations: We are in the final days of the hunt in our zone here in Maine and we have scattered birds showing up. Predominantly we are seeing only Green heads in the pockets we have been setting up on.

Hunting Report: With ice forming and melting periodically we have seen ducks come and go. We found a pretty good group of Green heads on a brook deep in the woods while checking a trail camera for coyote. With that being said I believe they are exploring all options to locate food.

Gossip: Costal hunters have a little longer season and seem to be getting a good number of ducks however being in the right place is still a challenge as public park ponds melt and the ducks go there. Still some good shoots to be had with the weather in a mild trend so take advantage!


Name:  Russell Brzezinski

Date:             December 13th, 2014

Location:             Southwest Ontario

Weather:             Overcast, cloudy, light snow and cold temps.

Snow Cover:  1-2” of snow N/A

Water Conditions:  Small bodies of water are frozen already

Feeding Conditions:  Hunting bean field amongst corn fields (much still standing)

Species and Numbers: With these cold, artic temps, I fear we lost a bunch of our birds.  Didn’t see any large number of birds

Migrations: Didn’t see many migrators either

Season Stage:  Mid-Season stage

Hunting Report:   Hunting was pretty good.  For the limited numbers that we saw, we made the best of it and had a nice shoot for both mallards and geese.

Gossip:  Not many puddlers around, but I hear that there’s a number of cans and reds in Lake St. Clair.


Name:  Richard Foley

Date: 12/16/14

Location: Fairfield, NC

Weather: Warmer than average; also, some moisture.

Snow Cover: none

Water Conditions: Open, water levels remain normal.

Feeding Conditions: Birds are feeding once a day with this warm weather. They are remaining on the lake.

Species and Numbers: Numbers have remained steady. No new pushes.

Migrations: None. Need cooler weather here and up north.

Season Stage: Second week on the second season.

Hunting Report: Been tougher as of lately, to be successful have to be on the “X”.

Gossip:  Need some weather to push these birds!


Name:  Sean M. Fritzges

Date: 15 December 2014

Location: Bel Air, MD

Weather: Cloudy past few days, winds calm. No snow at this time. Temps in the 50’s on 15 December.

Snow Cover: None at this time.

Water Conditions: Bay tide levels normal. No ice.

Feeding Conditions:  Canada geese feeding in cut corn and soy bean fields. Geese also feeding in grass fields.

Species and Numbers:  Numbers very low in our area of Northern MD.

Migrations:  Migration very slow this season.

Season Stage:  AP season second split begins 16 December. Let’s pray birds arrive!!

Gossip: Back to waterfowl hunting TOMORROW in MD!!! We need some cold weather.


Name:  Kenny Gray

Date:  December 16, 2014

Location: Chestertown, MD

Weather: Seasonal, 10 day forecast is all over the place.  Looks like the average is around 40.

Snow Cover: None at this time

Water Conditions: Good, farm ponds are currently full.

Feeding Conditions: Dark geese are feeding on corn during the dry days and switching to bean after the rain.

Species and Numbers:  Dark goose numbers are up this week, snow geese have started to arrive and numbers are rising

Migrations:  New birds arrived this week, good numbers of darks and snows can now be found around town.

Season Stage:  The final split opened today and runs through the first week of February.

Hunting Report: The final split opened today, although I had to work, I heard a good about of shooting before I left the house this morning.


Name: Jeff Kreit Sr.

Date: December 16, 2014

Location: Essex, MD

Weather: It’s been cold.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: water temperature is 45 degrees Feeding Conditions: feeding in corn fields Species and Numbers: Geese and Ducks seem to be plentiful.

Migrations: New geese this weekend.

Season Stage: Early

Hunting Report: Went this morning for opening day and got zero.


Name:  Gerry Mazur

Date: December 16.

Location: Perrysburg Ohio

Weather: Rain and temps in the low 50’s have been in the region for several days now. As this front passes more normal temps in the 30’s will be the norm with lows in the 20’s at night.

Snow Cover: Does not appear to be any significant white stuff coming.

Water Conditions: Water levels have risen a little bit with the run off and the Maumee River is up a few inches.

Feeding Conditions: There is much food available.

Species and Numbers: Canada’s are in nice numbers and have not seen a duck.

Migrations: Looking at the regional map and talking with several sources and seeing photos of where the birds are, migrators are still to our north. Any birds that have passed through did so during the full moon phase and blew through the area under cover.

Season Stage: Duck and Goose is open in the North Zone until January 4th.

Hunting Report: I am very confident from burning a lot of gas that there are very few places to hunt. The local Bass Pro along with many “city” businesses are harboring a lot of waterfowl. This does tie into an article in American Waterfowler which I have been preaching about for the past 2 years. Farmland and green space near these properties are turning into refuges. It’s amazing to see that at a local Menard’s home store there are more Canada geese than at both local Federal Refuges.


Name:  Marshall Starkey

Date: 12/16/14

Location: Essex, MD

Weather: Warmer weather will give way to seasonal temps with rain forecast off and on this week.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Average

Feeding Conditions: Cut agricultural fields and impoundments that have recently flooded are holding birds.

Species and Numbers: Canada goose numbers have increased the past week. Snow goose numbers are also climbing.

Migrations: New geese have continued to arrive on the upper shore. The past week saw a very big push of geese…both Canada’s and snows.  Last week saw a large push of new birds. The divers have also made their way into some of the rivers in good numbers.

Season Stage: Today marks the opening of the last split of the AP goose season.

Hunting Report: Waterfowlers should have plenty of birds right now. There are a good bit of geese around.

Gossip: The best gunning of the season is during this last split of the season. Good luck to all.


Name:  J David Weidner

Date: 12-16-14

Location: New Jersey

Weather: Hovering at the freezing mark

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Excellent

Feeding Conditions: Very good

Species and Numbers: Ducks

Migrations: Mass exodus

Season Stage: Early – Late season

Hunting Report: I hunted on Saturday and much to my surprise – had the marsh to myself.  Interestingly, with lack of guns in the field – The new flocks of mallards worked well.  Shot a limit of mallards, black ducks and pintail.  Geese made a big push south and out as compared to only 2 weeks ago when we were loaded with them.  I saw high flyers moving down as well from the north – who knows how Mother Nature works and why?

Gossip:  Many guys stated that the deer population is down here in the state or that the 6-day shotgun season is more of a thing of the past.


Name: Bryn Witmier

Date:  12/16/2014

Location: Strausstown, PA

Weather: Mild and rainy

Snow Cover:  We had about 4 inches of snow last Thursday.  It is all gone now.

Water Conditions:  Wide open

Feeding Conditions: Excellent

Species and Numbers:  Lots of Canada geese around.  Some blacks and mallards.

Migrations:  It was non-stop geese from Friday through Sunday.  Snows and Canada’s were pushing hard.

Season Stage: Ducks are open until mid-January.  Geese are open until the end of January.

Hunting Report: Dreary weather has made flight times of birds unpredictable.  We could use some cold and high pressure.

Gossip:  Another Nor’easter setting up for this weekend.



Name: Bill Dougan

Date: December 15, 2014

Location: Cochrane, Alberta

Weather: Temperatures will be ranging from lows of -5 to highs of +1. Mostly sunny for most of the week and light winds.

Snow Cover: Northern areas have a lot of snow cover. The southern areas of the province have bared off with the mild weather over the last week.

Water Conditions: A lot of water is now frozen up thru out most of the province still some of the bigger rivers are open such as the Bow River.      

Feeding Conditions: Feeding conditions in the southern areas around Calgary are good for the birds as a lot of fields are bared off with very little snow on the ground.

Species and Numbers: There are a lot of birds still in the southern areas of Brooks and Bassano.

Migrations: Still some birds in the southern areas but a lot of birds have moved out of the province.

Season Stage: We are just starting our last week of the season which opened on

September 8.

Hunting Report: Hunting has improved in the southern areas around Brooks with the mild weather opening up the fields.

Gossip:  The hunting in northern Alberta and in the Edmonton area was awesome this year. Guys are starting to gear up for the upcoming spring snow goose hunt starting in March 2015.


Name:  Chris Stoddart

Date: December 15, 2014

Location: Lanark, ON

Weather:   warmer average high -2; average low -7

Snow Cover:  3-4 inches

Water Conditions:  most ponds and small lakes have frozen in non-current areas

Feeding Conditions:  The few remaining geese are feeding in freshly cut cornfields

Species and Numbers: Most ducks and geese have left the area as most roost area have frozen.

Migrations:  Most waterfowl have migrated out of the region, bit open rivers are still holding moderate numbers of geese and a few diver ducks.  There are some large flocks of greater snow geese roosting on some of the big rivers.

Season Stage:  Late season

Hunting Report:  Birds are very educated.



Rocky Mountain:

Name: Travis Madden                       

Date: 12/16/14

Location: Orem, Utah

Weather: Weather continues to be in the mid 40s during the daytime

Snow Cover: Little to none depending on location

Water Conditions: Water is open still

Feeding Conditions: Birds do have open water available for feed along with the fields. The fullmoon last week kept them out late.

Species and Numbers: Pretty much the normal for this time of year. Mallards, greenwing teal, spoonbills and a few divers.

Migrations: The last cold front we had may have pushed a few more birds south but nothing of much significance.

Season Stage: About a month left. Been pretty warm and a different season for sure.

Hunting Report: Hunting has been pretty slow.

Name:  Bill Schaefer

Date: 12/14/14

Location: Western Colorado

Weather: Thus far, Western Colorado had experienced a relatively warm, and dry winter.  With daytime temps in the 40’s recent precipitation has been in the form of rain vs. snowfall. No significant ice accumulation has left large bodies of water open for roosting waterfowl and lack of snow cover has made food sources readily available as well. This week’s forecast shows no sign of significant temperature drops or precipitation.

Snow Cover: None

Water Conditions: Smaller bodies of water are partially frozen with medium/large bodies remaining open. Temperatures have not been significantly cold enough to produce ice flows on the Colorado River yet nor, a freeze on larger lakes.  Canada geese seem to be primarily roosting on the river at night and certain groups will loaf on open lakes/ponds during the day.

Feeding Conditions: Corn continues to be harvested each week and is plentiful this year for feeding mallards and Canada geese. Most geese are feeding twice per day before returning to the evening roost.  Many birds are grazing on different diet including: corn, alfalfa, and winter wheat.  Ducks seem to be focusing feeding efforts primarily in the evenings, depending on weather conditions that day.

Species and Numbers: More canada geese and mallards have arrived weekly and they represent the primary species around.  Canada goose numbers locally are estimated at 2,500.

Migrations: Several large influxes of canada geese and mallards during the past two weeks has been observed. Warm temps and plenty of available food sources should keep birds in the area indefinitely.

Season Stage: Currently we are in the third week of December.  Hunting looks optimistic going forward due to mild temps, open water, plenty of food sources, and good bird numbers.

Hunting Report: Generally sunny warm conditions allow birds to fly early and feed twice daily.  Decoying birds has been difficult on still days but, periodic wind and overcast conditions has helped much.  Geese seem to be feeding in an array of food sources depending on availability and weather conditions but hunting in corn has produced good results.

Gossip:  ?


Name:  David Ortley

Date: December 16, 2014

Location: Kalispell, Montana

Weather:  The past two weeks have seen a dramatic change in the weather and resulting changes in hunting.  We started the first week in December with frigid cold and snow showers.  By the end of the first week we were hit with a significant snow fall along with sub-freezing temperatures.  By the beginning of the week of the 8th we saw moderating temperatures and significant melting of up to 8 inches of snow.  This past weekend we received nearly an inch of rain over a forty eight hour period.  During the past week the highs climbed into the upper forties with lows dipping into the mid-twenties.  During the period ice formed on the river and again dissipated.  We are currently enjoying highs into the upper twenties and lows only dropping to the low twenties.

Snow Cover:  We still have a thin blanket of snow in some areas of the valley floor.  The mountains have been hammered with deep snow

Water Conditions: As expected the river is running at seasonal lows as Flathead Lake is drawn down to maintain down stream flow.  The river is not frozen and is accessible.  All small bodies are frozen. 

Feeding Conditions:  Feeding conditions have improved in fields as the snow cover melts.  Large flocks of geese can be found feeding in small grain stubble just under the surface of snow.  The river remains optimal for puddlers and divers.

Species and Numbers:  During the past two weeks we saw a significant push of birds come and go.  Most notably were mallards and pintail.  Of course the late arriving bufflehead and goldeneye are here.  While some birds left we still seem to have good numbers.  We have a large number of geese in the area.

Migrations: As stated the snow storm last week brought birds out of the north.  It appears that many left but we still have plenty of mallards, gadwall, pintail, bufflehead, and goldeneye.

Season Stage: This is the start of the eleventh week of our season.

Hunting Report: Hunting was reported to be awesome once the river opened up.  Field hunters have done very well.  The birds are quite weary but the recent bas weather have improved the odds

Gossip:  Hunting is reported to be good in the fields and spotty on the water.  Much of the pressure is gone so birds have the advantage.  The warmer weather is likely to help.


Name:  Tailor Sponcey

Date: 12-16-14

Location: Twin Falls

Weather: Temperatures have been mild but forecasts call for a front to move in today which will drop the temperatures and contains some moisture.

Snow Cover: 0 inches of snow accumulation

Water Conditions: Most areas are full except for one pond on Hagerman WMA.

Feeding Conditions: Feed fields are abundant and are being used heavily by mallards and Canada geese.

Species and Numbers: Mallard, widgeon, and diver numbers are high as well as Canada geese.

Migrations: Most migrator’s have arrived with the exception of pintail.

Season Stage: 2/3 of general season is complete.

Hunting Report: Hunting has been slow but I suspect it should pick up with the weather coming in.


Name:  David Harper

Date: 12-16-14

Location: Twin Falls, Idaho

Weather: Clear and sunny skies with the exception of the one day as the cold front came through that brought with it rain and overnight snow in the valley. Temperatures have dropped to mid 40’s for day time highs with low 20’s overnights.

Snow Cover: Skiffs of snow in areas of the valley but mostly clear.

Water Conditions: Smaller water is starting to freeze over again but it is warm enough still that slight wind can keep it open.

Feeding Conditions: Fields are being used twice a day by the geese around the valley and still holding a lot of feed.

Species and Numbers: Tens of thousands of mallards around the valley right now, wigeons and divers are using the river in large numbers. The Canada geese are also thick in the valley right now.

Migrations: Little to no migrations of new birds in the recent week.

Season Stage: 2/3 of general season is complete.

Hunting Report: Hunting has been slow for some hunters but with some scouting, good hunts can be produced.

Gossip:  Snow geese are hanging around the valley in small numbers. But chances to get them into some goose spreads.




Name:  Geffrey Duncan

Date: 12/14/14

Location: Chehalis

Weather: Received a lot of rain over the week. It did clear up over the weekend though with some fog in the mornings

Snow Cover: None.

Water Conditions: Fields have a bit of water in them from rain but the rivers never broke the banks

Feeding Conditions:  Plenty of food around with oats, corn and smart weed

Species and Numbers: Not many geese, quite a few widgeon though!

Migrations: Starting to see more ducks in the area

Season Stage: Mid-Late Season

Hunting Report: It’s finally picking up a little and people are doing better

Gossip: Hoping they keep coming!


Name: Zach LaBorde

Date: December 15, 2014

Location: Centralia, Washington

Weather: Highs in the mid 40’s and lows in the upper 30’s. Cloudy early on Saturday with a pretty consistent wind of 5 to 10 mph from the ENE

Snow Cover: No snow cover in western Washington at this time

 Water Conditions: No bodies of water are iced over on the west side of the state. Quite a few fields are holding sheet water after storms early last week that brought heavy rain

Feeding Conditions: With the colder weather, most birds are feeding in corn, both ducks and geese

Species and Numbers: Very strong number of Widgeon, Pintail, and Green-Wing Teal. A few Cacklers and honkers linger in the area but most have moved on. A handful of Mallards in the morning but the sheer numbers of Widgeon and Pintail made for full skies all morning

Migrations: Large numbers of puddle ducks moved inland off the coast after the rough weather this week. Large wind storm moved ducks off big bodies of water into more sheltered pockets. These are not new migrations of northern ducks I would guess because the storm came from the southwest

Season Stage: We are about half way through the duck season right now.

Hunting Report: The duck hunting was awesome this weekend. Limits of all drake widgeon and pintail were taken by 9 am.  There was quite a bit of shooting in the area and there were plenty of ducks to go around for all the groups of hunters


Name:  Kent Contreras

Date: 12-15-2014

Location: Newport, Wa.

Weather:  Forecasts show a 30-40% chance of snow showers thru the week with temperatures dipping into the 20’s and highs reaching the upper 30’s. A weak cold front will pass thru the area this week but will not be significant enough to push birds.

Snow Cover: Snow continues to fall in the highest elevations but the valley floor remains dry.

Water Conditions: Water levels continue to fluctuate as the dams release and hold back water

Feeding Conditions: Feeding conditions remain good; fields are still open with only a little snow covering shaded areas

Species and Numbers: Nothing more than the birds that came into the area a couple weeks ago. Those that are staying in the area are big Canada geese, divers and some puddle ducks. Biggest population of birds in the area remains to be the geese, although divers are gaining on them. Goose numbers are probably in the 5-6 thousand range in the valley

Migrations: Haven’t seen many new birds at all. Only divers are increasing in numbers. Most birds pushed out of the area last week

Season Stage: Week 10 of the season!

Hunting Report: Last week’s mild temperatures may have been enough for the birds to take flight out of here. Some heavy rains occurred late last week and really shut down the hunting. Birds that remain are so decoy and call shy that they are actually doing 90 degree turns to avoid lifeless decoy spreads. They have wizened up enough to know where they can take refuge and stay put for most of the day. Hunting was very poor last weekend

Gossip:  Would really like to see some cold weather show up to get the birds moving around a little. We need fresh birds


Name:  Travis Lyle

Date:  12-15-14

Location: Western NV

Weather:  Mid 40’s for a high, and lows in the 20’s

Snow Cover:   Had a good storm move in and put about 3 feet in the mountains finally.  We need lots more but it’s a good start.  Forecasted to get snow this week as well

Water Conditions: BadThe area’s that have water are holding do to the cooler temps.  Water levels should remain the same for the season

Feeding Conditions:   Its’ the same as the water, little to none.  Been seeing some plots of widgeon grass floating around in a few areas

Species and Numbers:  More spoonbills have moved in.  Still a few widgeons and mallards.  Seeing more honkers around too still not a lot in the area

Migrations:  Doesn’t seem to be much around.  Got to get out and scout for sure now

Season Stage:  Mid-season

Hunting Report:  Better scout now.  Have some cold overnight temps coming and that will change the hunting