New Nikon BLACK tactical scope with illuminated reticle

By Craig Nyhus

Lone Star Outdoor News

You’re sitting in the blind in a summer evening with your tactical rifle, sweating bullets from the heat and humidity. Finally, when you can barely see, the hogs come out. Unlike a deer, they are dark and backlit. Putting the crosshairs on the biggest boar, all you see is black.

With the new Nikon BLACK X1000, your problem is solved. Without moving out of your shooting position, you move your hand to the left side of the scope, and with one click, switch on the illuminated reticle. Your sight picture is now clear, and you make the shot.

The BLACK X1000 is offered in a 6-24x50SF Matte Illuminated X-MOA tactical-style reticle synchronized to elevated windage and elevation turrets. Accurate and repeatable, the adjustments enable precise dialing of elevation come ups and wind compensation, while the new reticle design presents the shooter with a visually clean, yet highly functional and advanced tool for estimating range or maintaining holdovers.

The BLACK X1000 features a Side Focus Parallax Adjustment, which allows adjustment without changing shooting position and illuminated control with 10 intensity levels with incremental “OFF” between settings, allowing you to be at your favorite illumination setting with “OFF” rotating in either direction.

For the long-range shooter, targets at long distances often are difficult to see, even when painted orange or white. The illuminated reticle gives shooters the contrast they need for a clear view of the steel plate.

BLACK series riflescopes all feature a 30mm main body tube built with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and Type 3 hard anodizing, providing exceptional ruggedness and optimum strength-to-weight ratios. Spring-loaded instant zero-reset turrets provide precise, repeatable corrections.

Like all Nikon riflescopes, the new BLACK series is backed by the company’s No Fault policy for repair or replacement.

The MSRP for the new scope is $649.95.