New products from Nikon minimize wind drift trajectory

Photo by Nikon

Edited by LSONews

Texas hunters are used to hunting in the wind, but the farther away the target is, the more they wonder what effect wind will have on their bullet trajectory.

Two new product lines from Nikon Sport Optics, the MONARCH 5 riflescopes and the Spot On Ballistic Wind Meter, provide an effective and easy-to-use system to compensate for bullet wind drift.

The 2015 MONARCH 5 riflescope line is the first Nikon riflescope to utilize the new Advanced BDC reticle.

The glass-etched Advanced BDC reticle on the MONARCH 5, along with its open circles going down the vertical sight post for aiming points to compensate for bullet drop at extended ranges, has windage marks on both the left and right side of the post. Each windage mark is calibrated for a 10-mile-per-hour crosswind when the rifle is zeroed at either 100 or 200 yards. Even if the crosswind is more or less than 10 mph, shooters now have a reliable benchmark to compensate for the effect that a strong gust of wind can have on their point of impact.

The Spot ON Ballistic Wind Meter plugs directly into the headphone port found on almost all smart phones. The meter takes an accurate reading of the wind speed and direction and inputs the data directly into the Spot On Ballistic Match Technology Application that every serious hunter and shooter should have on their smart phone.

The Nikon Spot On app is free to download for iPhone, iPad and Android and not only provides the precise aiming point on your reticle to compensate for distance, but thanks to the new Spot On Wind Meter, the app will now give you the correct hold-off in click, inches or MOA to compensate for wind drift.  The suggested retail price of the Spot On Wind Meter is $39.95.

The MONARCH 5 riflescope is available in seven different magnifications, each with a five-time zoom ratio. The MSRPs for the MONARCH 5 riflescope line range from $549.95 to $949.95.mIt is backed by Nikon’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and Nikon’s No-Fault Repair/Replacement Policy for Binoculars, Riflescopes and Fieldscopes.