Nikon expands line of PROSTAFF 7i Laser Rangefinders for Texas hunters

It doesn’t matter if you are calling coyotes across the prairie in West Texas, or sitting in a ground blind watching a long, narrow sendero in South Texas, hunters need to be able to quickly and accurately tell the distance when their target steps out.

It just got a little easier thanks to Nikon.

Nikon has expanded its line of accuracy-driven laser rangefinders with the addition of the new PROSTAFF 7i Laser Rangefinder. This pocket-sized tool utilizes Nikon’s ID (incline/decline) Technology and provides precision, speed and consistency out to 1,300 yards. The exceptional accuracy the PROSTAFF 7i delivers — even at longer ranges — means that riflehunters and long range shooters will finally have a superior precision rangefinder they can rely on.

The PROSTAFF 7i readings are accurate to +/- .5 yard at 600 yards or less, to +/- 1 yard from 600 yards to less than 1000 yards, and to +/- 1.5 yards at 1000 yards and over.

The PROSTAFF 7i Rangefinder displays ranges in .1-yard increments with a true 1,300-yard ranging capability. With Nikon’s HYPER READ technology, clear distances are displayed extremely fast regardless of how far away the target is. The measurement is displayed in about half of a second, guaranteeing a stress-free and accurate measurement with one push of the button. After eight seconds, it will automatically shut off to ensure a long battery life.

Nikon continues to outfit its rangefinders with the popular ID (incline/decline) technology. With ID technology, horizontal distances are given based on incline or decline shooting angles. The rangefinder also has Tru-Target Technology, which allows users to toggle between ranging modes. In first target priority mode, the distance measured is the closest measured target, giving users a precise reading to the desired target. In distant target priority mode, the distance displayed is the furthest target amongst a group of targets being measured. In both of these modes, holding down the measurement button will give you eight seconds of continuous measurement readings.

The PROSTAFF 7i utilizes a waterproof design, making it ideal for extreme outdoor use, even in the wettest conditions. Combine all these features with the compact size and single button operation, the PROSTAFF 7i is sure to make any hunt a successful one.