Outdoor Visions holds summer clearance on collector hunting books

For almost 20 years, Outdoor Visions traveled the hunting convention circuit selling from their booths.

One of the main products they proudly offered was a selection of limited edition hunting books published by Trophy Room Books. At times, space did not permit them to carry an inventory of all the books they published. They had display copies that our customers could review and then place an order for the book to be shipped direct.

Times have changed and as such, Outdoor Visions no longer make 15-20 show annually (now only Dallas Safari & Houston Safari Clubs). Thus the display copies are no longer needed as their business now is internet driven.

Outdoor Visions are now offering these display copies for sale at very attractive prices. These books are in “like new” condition with dust jackets. Most all are signed and numbered. On the inside front page is written “Display Copy; Outdoor Visions; and the original price.” Also offered, are a few copies of the books that are new or pre-owned. All conditions are noted and described. This offer limited to stock on hand and in most cases single volumes.

Any hunter would be proud to have these books in his library!

Go to outdoorvisions.com to order.

Bartlett, Fred Shoot Straight & Stay Alive Like New $189.00
DePole, Robert Tanzania Safari New $129.00
Dyer, Tony The Big Five Display $99.00
Callender, Michael Roaming with A Rifle Excellent $79.00
Cotter, Pat Cottar Display Copy $174.00
Cotter, Pat Cottar Like New $154.00
Cundill, Gordon Hunters Africa Like New $119.00
Cundill, Gordon Hunters Africa Display $99.00
Hoffman, George Country Boy In Africa Inscribed/Like New(Out Of Print) $169.00
Holmberg, Andrew Out In Africa New Book(out of print) $179.00
Hallemore, Lou In the Salt Inscribed/Like New $129.00
Northcote, John From Sailor to Professional Hunter Inscribed/Like New $119.00
Northcote, John From Sailor to Professional Hunter Inscribed to client/Excellent $119.00
Northcote, John From Sailor to Professional Hunter Display/Excellent $99.00
Montovisin, Robert Professional Hunter Like New $109.00
Montovisin, Robert Professional Hunter Display $99.00
McGowan, John Sport Hunter in Africa Like New $57.00
McGowan, John Sport Hunter in Africa Display $62.00
Lenoel, Chrissian ON TARGET Like New $69.00
Lenoel, Chrissian ON TARGET Display $64.00
Seia, Hugo In any kind of cover Like New $94.00
Seia, Hugo In any kind of cover Display/Like New $94.00
Seia, Hugo MUNJAMBA New Book $84.00
Seia, Hugo MUNJAMBA Display $89.00
Seia, Hugo MUNJAMBA Used/Excellent $77.00
Folsom, Henry Rendezvous in the Bush Inscribed to client/Excellent $79.00
Folsom, Henry Rendezvous in the Bush Display $74.00
Manning, Ian With Gun In Good Country Display(Rare, out of print) $159.00
Tre-Hardy The path of a Hunter Display $67.00
Hay, Peter One Long Safari Display $89.00
Hemsing, Ian Encounters With Lions Display/Excellent $59.00
Seth-Smith, Tony For the Honor of a Hunter Display\Excellent $119.00
O’Connor, Jack Catalogue of Letters Display $49.00
McElroy, C.J. McElroy Hunts Dangerous Game Used/New Condition $119


Boddington, Craig “Hunter’s Handbook” Oversized book, good condition. D/J Fair $39.00
Boone & Crockett Record Book 1952 Edition, good condition no D/J $139.00
Boone & Crockett record book 1958 edition, book and D/J are in good condition. Signed by 4 members of selection committee $169.00
Eddy, John “Hunting the Alaskan Brown Bear”, Excellent condition. No D/J. Wolfe Publishing edition $89.45
Pappas, Cal “The Nitro .600 Express” like new, signed by author, like new D/J $109.00
O’Connor Jack “Game in the Desert” Derrydale edition with leather-like cover, gold embossing. Like new $199.00
Rule, Robert “The Rifleman’s Rifle” Original first edition; Alliance books publisher $279.00
Swinehart, Bob “Sagittarius” (very rare) book in good condition, D/J in fair condition. Bowhunting in North America & Africa $249.00
Smith, Wilber “Leopard Hunts in Darkness” first U.S. edition; book and D/J are in good condition $68.00
Smith, Wilber “When the Lion Feed” First edition! Very Rare. Book in good condition, no D/J $119.00
Swank, Wendell “African Antelope” oversized with slipcase. Like New. Leather-like cover with gold embossed lettering. Winchester Press. RARE! $329.00