A perfect get-a-way

Written by David J. Sams

Photos by David J. Sams

Need to get out of town and do a little fishing?

We sure did, and we drove down to Get-A-Way Adventures Lodge this week to shuffle across the bay floor, and ended up catching a good mess of trout and reds.

1 fish


The best lures? Pink top-waters for some and plastics with chartreuse tails for others worked best in thigh- to waist-deep waters.

Drifting the Land Cut produced for Capt. Steve Ellis, as he reported a nearly 100-fish day.  Capt. Mitch Richmond broke in his new Dargel Kat and we were along for the ride, so look for that review soon in the paper.

The home-cooked meals outdid themselves again with Sandra Garza at the helm.

Lodge owner Mike Sutton has whipped the lodge into great shape over the last few years. He reported that his early white-winged dove hunts are all booked — so look at later dates if you want a combo dove hunt/fishing trip this fall.

It was hard to leave good fishing, but we still need to bring you the news — so we are back in the office staring at our computers —again.

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