Texas Fishing report: springtime pattern is beginning in Seadrift

Story by Craig Nyhus, Lone Star Outdoor News

Photo by  Nathan Beabout

Photo by Nathan Beabout

Photo by Nathan Beabout

Capt. Nathan Beabout of N&M Sportsman’s Adventures said the springtime pattern is beginning to unfold in the Seadrift area.

“Even with this cool front this past week, we are beginning to see more activity over hard sand/grass and oyster shell,” he said. “Although we are not seeing a lot of trout over the grass, the ones we are seeing and catching a few of, are solid 4 -6 pound trout.”

Beabout said the water temperatures are topping 70 degrees by midday.

“We will start to see more fish showing up on the shell and grass over the next couple weeks,” he said.

To contact Capt. Beabout, call (210) 452-9680 or visit N&M Sportsman’s Adventures www.nmsportsmansadventures.com

Photo by Nathan Beabout

Photo by Nathan Beabout

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