Professional Sporting Clays Association has a pro tour

The Professional Sporting Clays Association will host its first annual professional tour for the top sporting clays athletes in 2014.

The tour provides the top 60 qualified shooters, men and women, with elite-level, closed competition, competing for the largest financial purse in the sport’s history. The PSCA also serves as a professional governing body offering widespread exposure and publicity for its tour members, mirroring the benefits seen by athletes in other professional sports.

This exciting professional tour will be televised by NBC Sports Network, featuring the rivalries, personalities and shooting action encompassing the tournament. The competitiveness of the sport and the athletes is sure to provide some interesting scenarios for viewers. Programming is scheduled to begin airing in July 2014.

The show features nine prime time weekend telecasts from July 27-September 26, airing Sundays at 9:30 p.m. (CDT) on NBC Sports,

Professional tour dates are scheduled to begin in April with competition culminating in July at the “Champion of Champions” event at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, TX. Updated news and events news regarding PSCA can be found at and by following PSCA at  and PSCA is operated in coordination with Dan Carlisle’s Gold Medal Shooting Academy.

Dan Carlisle, President of PSCA and Olympic medalist, noted: “Although we are excited to provide our PSCA competitors with the benefits that are associated with being a professional athlete — such as increased media exposure—t he benefits of the PSCA will not be limited to the athletes on the tour. We strongly believe that the PSCA will be instrumental in growing our sport, and the benefits of that growth will be experienced by amateur competitors, club owners, and the entire industry.”

Photo by PSCA.